Theresa Caputo doesn’t wear a pedometer when she does her live “experiences,” but she knows she covers a lot of territory each evening.

Racing around arenas, theaters and auditoriums (in high heels, no less), she’s trying to find the best frequency for connecting with the spirits of attendees’ lost loved ones.

Often, the “Long Island Medium” says, there’s a “piggybacking” effect. Audience members may relate to the messages and find their own comfort, even though Caputo is talking to the spirit of someone else’s relative.

“People are eager to find closure and, for me, that’s a lot of pressure. Spirit is going to use me as the physical being. Spirit guides me through the arena. It has nothing to do with me. It’s where I’m told to go.” Never mind that she’s wearing fairly high heels. (“When you go to work, you get dressed,” Caputo explains. “I’m a girl who loves shoes.”)

In “Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience,” she frequently describes a situation, asks audience members if it sounds familiar and continues her line of questioning. Eventually, she hones in on a person, offers reassurance that she’s channeling a late relative and delivers the kind of telling detail that only could come from the relative in question.

“One of the things I struggled with early on was embracing my gift,” Caputo says. “I’m a practicing Catholic and I didn’t know who was going to want to see a medium. What I learned, unfortunately, is no matter how old someone is there are burdens and guilt. With our loved ones, closure is very important. We’re going to grieve them the rest of our lives. We just want to learn how to find that new normal.”

Aware of her ability at age 4, Caputo didn’t share her gift until she was 28. Encouraged by a spiritual healer, she started delivering messages to others and, eventually, her secret was out.

A practicing medium for more than a decade, she has written several books and starred in her own TLC series, “Long Island Medium.”

Like that healer, she encourages others to tap into lost loved ones and communicate. “I believe there are other people like myself who have the gift.”

While Caputo shares on a much larger scale than most, she knows she’s not the only one. “At the end of the day, I’m just Theresa Caputo who speaks to dead people.”

Those arena shows? They’re not as exhausting as they seem. “They’re great…I love doing them.” Without the heels and hair, which give her even more height, “I’m 5 feet.”

After shows, Caputo says she’s unwind and try to find her own “new normal.” What’s difficult is bedtime. “I’m not that great of a sleeper,” she says. “It’s not voices that I hear all night. It’s almost like someone is sitting on my chest.”

Friends know they shouldn’t expect her to channel their late relatives but, frequently, “Spirit will beat them to the punch” and she’ll blurt out a message. “Spirit has something to say.”

Although Caputo doesn’t know how long she’ll continue the work, “I can’t picture my life doing anything else.”

Age? “Age doesn’t matter,” she says. “Thanks to what I do for a living, when it’s your time, it’s your time. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying life and just plugging along.”

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