Theresa Caputo

Television medium Theresa Caputo talks to the audience at the Orpheum Theatre in Sioux City Thursday.

SIOUX CITY | A looser, sometimes raunchier Theresa Caputo returned to Sioux City Thursday night and delivered plenty of messages – from the Orpheum Theatre’s orchestra section to its balcony.

Clad in a black oh-so-tight dress and red sparkly heels, the “Long Island Medium” reassured dozens of survivors that their loved ones wanted them to move on.

At one point Caputo even got on a cellphone and talked to a deceased woman’s husband and told him she was at peace and she respected his decision to remarry. The woman’s mother said his new wife limited the times she could see her grandson. About to turn 3 (a number Caputo said she saw), the boy needs to be in her life, no matter what the problems the living are having.

Another “Spirit” (as Caputo calls the voices she hears) talked to his wife and, Caputo said, he chased her around the dining room table five times. “That’s my symbol for,” she added without finishing the sentence.

Using humor throughout (at one point she spelled “idiot” “I-D-O-T” and admitted she wasn’t the “brightest crayon in the box.”

Caputo teased with other audience members and revealed that her son “lives in sin in the city with his girlfriend....do you think that I like that?” She swore occasionally (the show was rated PG-13, if not R) and said she didn’t care what people thought of her or her claims that she speaks to the dead.

Highly entertaining, “Theresa Caputo – the Live Experience” could have been a deep wallow and a night washed in tears but she kept it light and wasn’t afraid to hedge some of her bets.

Throughout the evening, she reassured the more than 1,000 audience members that they, too, had the ability to talk to their loved ones. “We are responsible for our own happiness.”

More muscular than she seemed at her last appearance (at the Tyson Events Center), Caputo still had the jacked-up hair, long nails and oh-so-high heels.

In the beginning, she talked about her gift, what kind of funny readings she had had in the past and how all of her fan club proceeds go to charity and her fans.

Judging from the number of people who knew about that connection, it’s likely many were members of that club (one even said she followed other mediums).

Many cried, too, when they heard the stories. Caputo said it was likely there was “piggybacking” going on. Even though she wasn’t giving details to everyone, others could tap into a message she was delivering.

The bottom line: The living shouldn’t spend the rest of their lives mourning the dead.

“Anything that reminds you of your loved one is them,” she said. Adept at working an audience (she should have her own talk show), Caputo kept the audience entertained for some two hours. By connecting dots, she convinced those read and those watching life is for the living. “It’s OK to move on” could easily be her mantra.

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