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Buzz Sutherland is committed to entertaining audiences with humor that is "98 percent clean and 100 percent funny."

Sutherland brings his zany insights and multiple voices to the Argosy Casino for two shows on New Year's Eve.

Sutherland has performed on HBO's Comic Relief and MTV's Half Hour Comedy Hour and has been named Comedian of the Year by the National Association of Campus Activities a record 16 times.

"It's all about family," he said, referring to one of the themes of his show. "What is the key to personal and professional success? Quite simply, it's family. If we all take the skills and knowledge we get from growing up in a family, then you have more of a head start to success than you would ever imagine."

Sutherland tours frequently, including gigs to entertain the troops and includes his family in his gentle kidding: Whether listening to the simple observations of his daughter, learning to think outside the box from his son, or the art of patience he has learned from his wife.

"It's been a really cool thing with my kids that my career goes along with where they are," he said. "Right now, I've done a lot of shows on cruise ships, so we can spend holidays on the cruise ships and the rest of the time I can pick and chose gigs around the their school year."

The former English/history major and football player at the University of Missouri knew he was a character.

"My mom is a psychologist, but when I got in trouble in high school, I had to see a school psychologist. I pointed out to her I had been seeing one my entire life," Sutherland said. "That behavior got me into an off-site school. I loved it.

"I was my own best friend," he quipped. "I was always running around, acting up with my different voices. Thirty-one years later, marketing has turned that into a career for me."

Sutherland's quick wit and contagious charisma makes the business of being funny look easy -- and he strives to be relevant to his audience.

"I believe in working really clean," he said. "One of my favorite comedians was Red Skelton. But me? I'm more hack entertainment. Three Stooges. Marx Brothers."

Sutherland has been at the very top of the college comedy world for the past seven years winning top comedian of the Year honors a record 16 times by the National Association of Campus Activities and the Promotion of Campus Activities.

Sutherland was critical of too many entertainers today who take the low road in their humor.

"People pay to be entertained, so you have to entertain them," he said. "At the end of day and your job is over with, you have to feel like you did a good job. The worst thing people should say about you? He wasn't funny."

Besides the classic comedians, Sutherland finds comedy a bit closer to home.

"What makes me laugh?" he asked. "My wife. My dog. My children. Actually, any kids. I like being a around kids a lot."

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