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How can you be a comic book geek -- and chic -- all at once? With retro T-shirts sporting the hottest superheroes. Junk Food, a company known for hip, comfortable, T-shirts, has launched a line with this summer's biggest crusaders -- X-Men and Green Lantern.

To learn a bit more about the process, we talked with Janelle Marsiglia, Junk Food's art director.


Q.  How do you know which era of the superheroes to feature? Are "original" versions favorites? Why?

A. We are positioned as the original vintage T-shirt company in the marketplace, so our take is always iconic and nostalgic. We do play with superhero imagery, but typically fare the best with classic takes on iconic logos and characters.

Q. Who is the best-selling superhero? Are there duds?

A. Batman and superman are our bestsellers. There aren't duds per se, but the more obscure and unknown characters don't do as well because their audiences are limited.

Q. How does the planning process work? Do you look at a list of movies coming out, then seek a tie-in or do you try to hit as many as possible?

A. Yes we try to plan around movie release dates, but we also always design the classic iconic superhero properties because many are synonymous with American pop-culture and therefore have constant demand.

Q. You have better fitting T-shirts than most. Why is that? Is it the material?

A. It's because we love to wear our shirts ourselves so we make them as soft and comfortable as we can. We work a lot on our fits to be sure they are comfortable and authentically vintage.

Q.With the X-men, there are so many to feature. How do you know which ones need to be on the front?

A. We tend to stick to the well known characters because they have the most fans.

Q. With the prequel, are you expecting some to be bigger than others? And do you get to see the film or the script before you make your decisions?

A. Unfortunately we do not get to see the movies before they come out to the general audience so we never really know how one might measure up versus others. We do have close ties with the studios though so if they know of any buzz, they are sure to let us know.




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