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Film Review Something Borrowed

Ginnifer Goodwin and Colin Egglesfield get close in "Something Borrowed."

Kate Hudson doesn't get enough credit for the stuff she can do.

Instead of being the go-to blonde (in, what? A dozen different brides movies?), she's the golden goose, able to lift a typical chick flick out of decaying coop.

In "Something Borrowed," she's the bulldozing friend who doesn't worry about others' feelings, only hers.

That makes Ginnifer Goodwin's plight so relatable. We've all felt like someone has run roughshod over us at one point or another. But Hudson's a real bulldozer and Goodwin's just another patch of blacktop.

The two are longtime friends who have an eye for the same guy. Goodwin, though, is too slow on the uptake to stake her claim. She loses the guy (Colin Egglesfield) only to discover he has a thing for her, too.

The problem? Hudson and Egglesfield are engaged and it's a litte too late in the game to change the big play.

Or is it?

That's where "Something Borrowed" gets its dramatic tension. But after a few "will she?" moments we're ready to throw in the towel.

Director Luke Greenfield is so enamored with Goodwin he doesn't realize she's a liability, not the film's asset.

Similarly, Egglesfield is a big stiff. Sure, he's handsome. But there's nothing there that would make you think he's worth fighting for.

Instead, John Krasinski brings it as Goodwin's best male friend. He offers plenty of laughs and gets his own good moment with Ashley Williams as the girl who practically throws herself at him to muster a relationship.

Krasinki, Williams and Hudson, though are relegated to the background.

And so? We're left waiting for Goodwin and Egglesfield to get off the pot.

If the book upon which this is based is as predictable, it's amazing someone bought the rights. "Something Borrowed" is something borrowed, indeed.

But Hudson? She's a one-of-a-kind treasure, an improved version of her mom, Goldie Hawn.

If she can save something like this, imagine what she could do with a really well-written role?

Rated PG-13, "Something Borrowed" features profanity and adult situations.

On a scale of four stars, "Something Borrowed" gets: 2 stars

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