Photos: Look back at movie theaters in Sioux City

Photos: Look back at movie theaters in Sioux City

Walk down memory lane with our photos of movie theaters across decades in 20th century Sioux City.

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Animal control supervisor Ron Edwards says the smell of animal waste and decaying carcasses in the apartment was overwhelming. Workers found 41 live animals and more than 60 dead. Edwards says many of the animals had no access to food or water.

Lopez makes this more than just another hustling film. She shows great depth, grit and intelligence. You don’t look down on Ramona because she’s determined to make sure she holds her head high. Her big dance sequence is remarkable and her lifestyle is attractive in a way that doesn’t seem dirty.

Fans of the book may enjoy seeing how someone realized the characters. Others may wonder where the nuance went when Peter Straughan was adapting Donna Tartt’s 780-plus-page book. The premise is plenty interesting; the execution not so much.

A lot of the shows are just mediocre. There’s not a broadcast series that looks like it will stand the test of time. Nor is there a streaming series that makes you think you’re in for another “Stranger Things.” Wait for it, as "Hamilton" suggests. Something good should turn up.

This is a lot of visual stuff that borrows heavily from the original TV series. Just as disappointing: There’s a sing-along to the TV theme show at the end, but it’s so tacked on you don’t even really want to bother.

Pauling, 35, who previously served as the Journal's retail and digital advertising director, had served as interim publisher since former publisher Ron Peterson retired in June. Pauling joined the Journal in 2008 as an advertising sales executive.

To pay homage to the film, ABC will air a special, “The Little Mermaid Live,” that uses live action musical numbers interspersed with scenes from the Oscar-winning film. For Menken, it’s a great way to see the story in a different light.

Unlike the Hallmark films this seems to resemble, this film spends too much time making Henry Golding seem mysterious. The two stars, Golding and Emilia Clarke, are cute, but both of them have been down this road before and gotten better results.

In the process of exonerating Jewell, Clint Eastwood also manages to take a broad swipe at reporter Kathy Scruggs. Because Scruggs isn’t around to defend herself, Eastwood’s storytelling is just as questionable as the case against Jewell.

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