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Jordan Dykstra

Sioux City native Jordan Dykstra, center, worked on the soundtrack for the horror film "It Comes At Night." He was an assistant composer to Brian McOmber, right, the film's composer. They are shown here in a recording session in Middletown, Connecticut. 

LOS ANGELES, CA | A new horror film features a musical score partially composed by a Siouxland native. 

Jordan Dykstra, who now lives in Middletown, Connecticut, was born and raised in Sioux City. His parents, Dan and Sharon Dykstra, still live here. The younger Dykstra is credited in the film "It Comes At Night," released earlier this month, as a musical collaborator and string arranger and assistant composer, among other credits. 

Dykstra began the job in February, working as an assistant composer to Brian McOmber, the film's composer. McOmber knew Dykstra because he had worked with McOmber's band, Dirty Projectors, on an album. 

So when McOmber needed some help on the soundtrack for "It Comes At Night," he contacted Dykstra. 

"It was a really good fit, because we worked quite well together, we had some history with previous projects," Dykstra said 

Dykstra worked on the film's musical score remotely, rather than on set. The filming was already complete when he was brought on board, and editing was underway. 

The composers received segments of the film from editors, and the musical crew would work on a score to accompany the scenes. Often, they would later receive re-edited scenes that were different from what they had previously seen, necessitating further musical adjustments. 

"We'd be constantly updating, making changes - Brian would go to New York to meet with the director, sometimes the director would come to us and we'd meet with him," Dykstra said. 

Because the music is tailored to a horror film, he said, the score uses ordinary instruments -- guitars, pianos -- in a non-traditional way to create dynamic and unconventional sounds. 

"That's a nice element to have in a horror film soundtrack," he said. 

Dykstra said he made his mark on most of the film's musical numbers.  

"I had a hand in just about every single cue, whether or not I was getting credited with composing," he said. 

This was not Dykstra's first rodeo in film composing. He had previously worked on student films, and on director Gus Van Sant's 2011 film "Restless." In that film, he even got to appear on-screen, as a stand-in for Henry Hopper, the star of the film and the son of actor Dennis Hopper. 

"I actually have this scene where I'm playing a Mellotron (type of keyboard)," Dykstra said. "On screen, playing this keyboard." 


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