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Counting Crows, a band best known for hits “Mr. Jones,” “Accidentally in Love” and “Round Here,” are playing the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Saturday night.

The band’s debut album, “August and Everything After,” was released in 1993. Counting Crows is comprised of Adam Duritz (lead vocals), David Bryson (guitar), Charlie Gillingham (keyboards), David Immergluck (guitar), Dan Vickrey (guitar), Jim Bogios (drums) and Millard Powers (bass).

"The nice thing about having 25 years of music to celebrate and seven studio albums we absolutely love to choose from is that we can play a different show every night,” said Duritz. “The nice thing about touring with +LIVE+ is that we get to spend yet another summer with old friends who play great music. We can't wait.”

Duritz said after 25 years of playing music and filling stadiums with fans, he hasn’t grown tired of the songs or the touring lifestyle.

“We play a different show every night so it’s never really gotten boring,” he said. “We play whatever we feel like playing every time and it changes every day.”

It’s no wonder the band could never grow tired of their music: they often change up their songs in their live performances. The band will extend and rewrite the songs live, adding extra verses or sections, or even interluding with parts of other bands’ songs.

Duritz says this isn’t intentional, and he sees songs as living things.

“It’s not like I plan it out ahead of time -- sometimes I make stuff up. It’s just improvisation,” he said. “Sometimes I feel like there’s more to a song or there can be more to a song right then than just a song itself. I like creating on the spot too, I like that we’re doing something different.”

Duritz said the band’s name comes from a line in the movie “Signs of Life,” which is his friend Mary-Louise Parker’s first movie.

When it comes to the band’s set list for each performance, Duritz said they work on compiling it “at dinner time,” and he keeps a list of all the band’s songs listed by album next to him as he compiles it.

“I don’t think it’s ever (all) new songs or old songs, it’s just we have a lot of songs and so it tends to come from all over,” he said of their song selection for each show.

Duritz said the band’s genre is simply “music,” and sees genre as something radio stations use to classify the station for advertisers.

“We were an indie rock college radio band at one time because we were only played on college radio. Then we were an alternative band because we were a new band. Then we were a Top 40 band because we were on the Top 40. We were an adult alternative band because we’re adults I guess,” he said. “Musicians tend to never think about those genres… I still think of us as a college radio band, in a way, just because we were in college when we started. Things have changed.”

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