From barrels brimming with beer and boots made for drinking to Bavarian pretzels and pork knuckles, Oktoberfest has it all. That’s why this centuries-old celebration brings more than five million partiers to Munich for a couple weeks each October. Yet only about 2% of the crowd typically hails from the U.S. And it’s little wonder why, considering the trip would cost the average American roughly $5,000, according to WalletHub estimates.

But much like it’s always five o’clock somewhere, you don’t need to visit the original Oktoberfest to feel the vibe. Many cities host their own festivals – most notably, Cincinnati and San Francisco. Even more local watering holes throw themed parties. Or maybe you just want to get festive at home. No matter what, we’ve got all the information you need to actually understand what you’re prost-ing to. Enjoy (responsibly)!

Source: WalletHub