1. No guns! No fireworks! No weapons or firearms allowed! (Even with a license to carry or a conceal carry permit)

A City of Sioux City ordinance prohibits both inside city parks, and we prohibit them at this festival event. Please use some common sense. Besides, our fireworks display will be BIGGER than yours will ever be. So there!

2. Disability transportation

Due to federal regulations, we are unable to offer separate shuttle bus service. However, we encourage those with disabilities to use the city buses this year that will be picking up and dropping off patrons at the Tyson Events Center. We understand that the city will be using buses that should compensate.

3. No pets (Except for as needed for disability purposes with credentials)

Please leave your dogs, cats, tribbles and alligators at home this year. The large crowds and heat that we frequently have at the festival are not good for your pet, who might suffer from heat stress or even get stepped on at the festival. (That's not mentioning the stuff your pet may leave behind for others to sit on). If you leave your TV set tuned to Animal Planet and plenty of animal beverages around, your pets should do fine on their own. Of course, with any adult doggie beverages, make sure that your dog is at least 3 years old (21 in dog years). Special note to the Swamp People: Iowa does not have an alligator hunting season. Duck Commander duck calls will be used to round up any ducks brought to the park. “River monsters” must be left in the Missouri River.

4. No coolers (Except for health issues, i.e. diabetics and gluten free)

Coolers simply take up too much valuable sitting space at Saturday in the Park, not to mention the negative impact it has on beverage and food sales that are needed to help make the event happen each year. Plus, we often end up picking up stray coolers Sunday morning. Please leave your own beverages at home.

5. Saturday in the Park is not responsible for lost or stolen items

You should turn your lost people and lost personal possessions in at the Information Booth. Although we're told the info booth has a person who is able to figure out the owner's phone number for practically any cellphone, we cannot guarantee your lost phone (or any other item) will be returned to you. We can only guarantee that we might find one and use it to call or text your girlfriend or boyfriend.

6. All bags subject to search (Clear bags requested)

After 9/11 and the Boston Marathon, enough said. And please leave your duck calls at home. Clear bags only.

7. Butt out

No smoking in designated areas, especially in the seating areas close to the Band Shell. If we see any smoke coming from you, we will assume that you are on fire and promptly put you out.

8. Parents should be responsible for their own children

Please keep track of your kids. If for some reason you lose track of them, contact the Review & Information Booth for such “lost people." But because so many people take their own pictures in front of the booth, the Grupps will now be charging $5 in advance for each picture taken.

9. Stay where you belong

Please stay out of the water fountain, only admire it. Please stay out of the roses, only admire them. You should be aware that the roses bite! In addition, the Mexican government has paid for placing an invisible dye in the water that will stain anyone entering the fountain for identification purposes, so beware!

10. Use that blanket or lose it

In an effort to make Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City’s Saturday in the Park festival a fantastic experience for as many people as we possibly can, this year we ask you to once again abide by our policy regarding tents, umbrellas and blankets/tarps. The policy is:

• No tents or awnings except in designated area (south and east of upper beer garden).

• No shade umbrellas larger than a standard rain or golf umbrella except in designated area (south and east of upper beer garden).

• No unoccupied or under-occupied super-sized blankets or tarps reserving space for later visitors.

We intend to gather any rule-breaking items and store them for you at the Saturday in the Park Information Booth. They can be picked up when you head home for the night.

Saturday in the Park reserves the right to take and store your items. Saturday in the Park also reserves the right to use discretion in the removal of items that diminish other festival guests' enjoyment of the event.

11. No outside food or merchandise vendors

In case you haven't noticed, there's a plethora of on-site food vendors and merchandising booths scattered throughout the festival. 

12. No soliciting! 

That means no advertising or distributing flyers, business cards or other items. C'mon! You're supposed to have fun at Saturday in the Park. Where's the fun in that sort of stuff?

13. Beer isn't for everybody

As if we have to say this, but you MUST be 21 years old to enter the beer gardens. Children under the age of 12 can enter with their parent(s).

Thanks for understanding,

Steve Kohl

SITP Legal Eagle

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