Young Rambo - Noon

Young Rambo is the next upcoming/aspiring rap artist in the area. Young Rambo brings out his energy and positivity onstage with some dope rhymes and beats. A master of rapping and singing. Watch out for this guy!

Vibe Rations - 1 p.m. 

Formed in 2016, Vibe Rations brings a blend of funk, hip-hop, soul, jazz and rock to the Midwest. Vocalist Jordan Clark mixes soulful melodies with hip-hop-infused rhythms and rhymes to match keyboardist Nick Powell's danceable vibes. Guitarist Dylan Nelson bring both searing and soothing string while Jewel "Juice" Williams III and Joseph Fry infuse a tight bass and drum partnership to keep the vibe-rations flowing.

Thick Mistress - 2 p.m.

Thick Mistress is the very definition of a melting pot band. Formed in 2009, this Iowa-bred group of five dementedly twists elements of hard rock, soul, boogie-woogie blues, metal, and grunge into its visceral live performances full of potent guitar riffs, high-octane rhythms and malleable vocal work. Comprised of singer Steve Carlson, guitarists John Velasquez and Tucker Long, bassist Eric Meek and drummer Adam Crawford, Thick Mistress ultimately prides itself in delivering an engaging show capable of leaving a lasting impression with listeners. Even if it’s an aching neck from too much headbanging

GhostCat - 3 p.m. 

GhostCat is comprised of five creators and lovers of music with largely different musical backgrounds. Singer-guitarist Alex Erwin, guitarist Josh Lee, bassist Cody Garwood, keyboardist Josh Garwood and drummer Steve Skog come together to create an indie/alternative landscape of sound that continuously ebbs and flows.

City of the Weak - 4 p.m. 

City of the Weak captures a modern rock 'n' roll sound that is so perfectly defined, combining catchy pop melodies with aggressive guitar riffs and moving bass lines to create a genre of their own. They are best known for their intensity and passion on stage, as well as their fearless personalities off the stage. 

Jon Wayne and The Pain - 5:10 p.m.

The four-piece Twin Cities, Minnesota rockers, Jon Wayne and The Pain (aka JWP) are best known for innovating acoustic-electronic dub, heightened with conscious lyrics and catchy riddims. The quartet has been mesmerizing fans for a decade, with their signature JWP cosmic-blend of electronic beats, fused with uplifting roots-driven beats and a hearty dash of conscious lyricism.

My Posse in Effect - 6:30 p.m. 

This is the premier Beastie Boys tribute act, hands down. Taking you through decades of their unforgettable hits, this seven piece live band replicates the authentic Beastie Boys experience with three MCs, a world class DJ and visuals from their iconic video collection. The crowds get to relive carefree times and always sing along, word for word, in a party atmosphere.

Arrested Development - 8:15 p.m.

It’s been twenty years since a new group called Arrested Development slammed the gangsta dominated world of hip-hop with defiant lyrics of hope. Apparently the world was ready for the change as AD became the first ever hip-hop artist to receive the “Best New Artist” Grammy. In addition, the group also received a Grammy Award for “Best Rap Single” for their anthemic prayer-like hit song, "Tennessee." Money came in but not for precious stones and big cars. Instead, these pioneers of the conscious rap game took one big step for mankind by giving back and becoming the first African American artists to donate money to Nelson Mandela and the ANC. They used their voices and their status to the benefit of many underprivileged brothers and sisters around the world. 

ALX and Scnd Sndwch - 9:30 p.m. 

ALX (Alex Munoz), the onmitempo genre-mixing producer/DJ has been mixing tunes since 2013 and producing since 2015. Getting his start by throwing popup renegade sets at any random plot of land or nightclub he could get into. Over the last few years his multi genre sets that often consist of funk, deep house, dub, and experimental sounds. Scnd Sndwch (Josh Moreno) is a bass music producer/DJ who established his music career in Sioux City, Iowa, as a duo at first with the likes of Braxxx under the alias of The Drop Junkies. Branching off into solo acts, the Scnd Sndwch project became the main focus for Moreno’s creative ideas.

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