Flo Rida

Flo Rida

For a very long time, the only famous "Flo" was either 1) that annoying, apron-wearing woman from those Progressive Insurance commercial or 2) that even more annoying waitress character from the 1980s sitcom "Alice," who was always telling people to kiss her grits.

Well, then, thank goodness for Flo Rida, the rap star, singer and one of the headliners at the 29th Saturday in the Park.

Wait, you say Flo Rida's real name isn't actually, um, Flo Rida? It's really Tramar Lacel Dillard. 

OK, let's put it this way: you're never going to see the name Tramar Lacel Dillard on a marquee anytime soon. It isn't catchy enough.

Here are 10 fun facts about the man who went high with a chart-topping single titled "Low."

1. Dude really is from the "Sunshine State"

Flo was raised in Carol City, Florida, as the only boy in a family with seven girls.

2. Flo's first rap group had a really lame name

When he was in the ninth grade, Flo founded an amateur rap group called the GroundHoggz with two neighbors who lived in the same apartment complex as he did. Really, the GroundHoggz? That's just embarrassing! 

3. Good news: everybody loved "Low" during the first decade of the 21st century

Flo's song "Low" was the most downloaded song of the 2000s, and was named Billboard's third-ranked Hot Songs of the 2000s.

4. Bad news: everybody loved "Low" during the first decade of the 21st century

Flo's song "Low" is the reason your mom and dad learned terms like "Shawty," "Reebok with the Straps" and, most distressingly, "Apple-bottom Jeans." Yes, we even heard them sing along to the song! The horrors! 

5. Even worse news: "Low" made it onto the soundtrack of a Kevin James movie

"Low" was prominently featured in the 2011 movie, "Zookeeper," starring Kevin James. Don't feel too bad for Flo. Toto, Quiet Riot and the Commodores also had songs on that soundtrack.

6. Flo Rida has done collaborations with pretty much everybody in the world

Did Flo collaborate with Nelly Furtado? Yes, they did a duet on "Jump." Pitbull? Can you believe "Can't Believe It?" J-Lo? Yup, that was a "Sweet Spot," ya'll! How about Celine Dion, Insane Clown Posse or the Vienna Boys Choir? They're probably on the waiting list.

7. "My House" was used to promote both retirement funding and WrestleMania

How does an artist know when he has widespread appeal? When Northwest Mutual wants to use your song "My House" to boost estate planning and the WEE wants to use it to promote WrestleMania 32. Flo Rida, you have mass appeal.

8. Flo Rida is a health freak ... when he wants to be

The guy promotes an energy drink called Celsius, which said it is "the world's first negative-calories drink." We don't know what that means although it sure sounds extreme! 

9. But he also has our appetite

According to Delish.com, Flo Rida's recipe for Mac & Cheese is to take a boxed version, cook it and sprinkle it with a garnish of crumbled Cheetos. Yeah, we can did it.

10. Just don't forget Flo Rida has enough money to purchase the state of Florida

Currently holding onto the top spot as 2019's highest paid rapper, Flo Rida is worth around $82 million in combined earning.

Remember what we said the name of your first group being lame or dissing on your song in a Kevin James movie? Just kidding, buddy, just kidding!

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