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Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves will perform at 9 p.m. on the Bandshell Stage during Saturday in the Park. 

Let's get a few things straight: Kacey Musgraves ain't no "Dime Store Cowgirl" who is willing to "Follow Your Arrow" in a misguided effort to mend "Mama's Broken Heart."

She may be "Blowing Smoke" on the "Merry Go 'Round" but this is one country chick who is definitely "Pageant Material."

Or more precisely, Musgraves is Saturday in the Park-worthy.

Don't believe us? Here are 20 things you should know about this "Same Trailer, Different Park" girl.

1. Musgraves has been writing music since she was 8 years old. Indeed, her first song -- "Notice Me" -- was written for her elementary school graduation.

2. After becoming proficient on the mandolin, she started taking guitar lesson at age 12. By the time she turned 18, Musgraves was already recording demo tapes and hitting the music festival circuit in her native Texas.

3. Musgraves was a contestant on "Nashville Star," an "American Idol"-type TV competition show. Out of the 10 performers on the show, she came in seventh place.

4. Which isn't to say Musgraves isn't used to winning the top prizes. In 2013, she picked up a CMA "Best New Artist" award; Grammys for Best Country Song ("Merry Go 'Round") and Best Country Album ("Same Trailer, Different Park"); and an ACM Album of the Year award ("Same Trailer, Different Park"). She was also awarded a 2014 CMA Song of the Year for "Follow Your Arrow" and a 2016 CMA International Achievement award.

5. When Musgraves isn't writing songs for herself, she's wring songs for other artists. Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride and Deana Carter have all sung her songs. Likewise, Musgraves has even penned songs that were used on the ABC drama, "Nashville."

6. Musgraves cites such heavy-hitters as John Prine, Lee Ann Womack, Emmylou Harris and Allison Krause as influences.

7. Musgraves has toured with such artists as Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum and, believe it not, Katy Perry.

8. Chances are Musgraves will never be invited to perform on Fox News. Why? In her music, she talks about acceptance of homosexuality, recreational marijuana usage and questioning one's religion.

9. Musgraves' favorite "guilty pleasure" foods are egg rolls from Jack-In-The-Box, beer and pizza.

10. She does not like mustard or mayonnaise. 

11. Musgraves reportedly fears alien abductions and spiders. In addition, she's seen several UFOs.

12. Musgraves said she used to belly dance and play the flute ... but not at the same time.

13. She once framed a joint smoked by Willie Nelson.

14. Musgraves' first car was a 1967 Ford Mustang. Guess what? She still has it.

15. Would like to start a vodka company called Zodiac.

16. Has stated she's never broken a bone in her life.

17. If she hadn't become a musician, Musgraves said she would've been a make-up artist.

18. Her dream is to go to India some day.

19. Musgraves tries to be as gluten-free as possible.

20. Musgraves has said on more than one occasion that there can never be enough glitter. To which we say, you're preaching to the choir, sista!

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