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SIOUX CITY | White as the mountain snow of Colorado, this year’s Little Yellow Dog is sure to bring a playful spirit to the highest bidder on Dec. 10 at the Ho-Chunk Centre.

Meet Aspen, the 12-week-old Maltese with a big personality. Purchased from a breeder in central Nebraska, this tiny body holds an unbridled amount of character. 

“He is very rambunctious, playful and a cute little ball of fur,” said Dr. Michelle Bader, kennel master for the Ancient and Effervescent Order of the Little Yellow Dog and veterinarian at Family Pet Hospital.

Proceeds from the auction, sponsored by the Ancient and Effervescent Order of the Little Yellow Dog, a local civic group, will benefit the Journal’s Mr. Goodfellow Charity, a tradition that provides gifts and books to 8,000 underprivileged area children at Christmastime.

This year's dog was donated by the Jameley and Jim Levich family of Sioux City. 

Jameley Levich, who purchased a Maltese through the auction in 2002, said she was thrilled her family was able to donate the dog this year. Choosing a Maltese, she said, was a reflection of how much joy Baby Al brought to her family.

"We enjoyed ours so much," she said. "We had so much fun with him and he was such a great dog."

Named after a popular skiing destination, Aspen’s name is reflective of his coat: fluffy and white. Bader said Aspen’s breed typically grows to 7 or 8 pounds and can live up to 15 years.

When the winner of the auction gets Aspen home, the family will notice a happy, loyal dog that will get along with kids, adults and canines.

“He cries if he’s not the center of attention,” she said. “He’ll want to interact with everybody.”

Apsen, Bader said, has a sweet side to match his playful energy. He loves to cuddle and take naps on laps.

As a medium-hair dog, he does require regular grooming to prevent matted fur. However, he doesn’t shed a lot.

Last year’s Little Yellow Dog, Dasher, a beagle puppy, sold for $10,200 to Don Boyer of McCook Lake, South Dakota.

Each year since 1936, the Ancient and Effervescent Order of the Little Yellow Dog has auctioned a puppy to raise money for Mr. Goodfellow. The first pup, Skippy, was sold for $25.

Anyone who wants to visit Aspen may do so at Family Pet Hospital, 1909 Pierce St., during business hours.

Little Yellow Dogs: 1936 to present

A look back at the Little Yellow Dogs from 1936 including breed information, who purchased and the price paid at the annual auction.

Year Name Breed Buyer Price
1936 Skippy Mongrel Herman Miller $25.00
1937 Midget "Mike" Mongrel Wax Nelson & John Kampmeyer $200.00
1938 Bruce Oscar Hoberg for S.C. Scottish Rite Consistory $250.00
1939 Zero Oscar Hoberg for S.C. Scottish Rite Consistory $300.00
1940 Happy Abu Bekr Shrine Temple $275.00
1941 Kit K.A. Murray $250.00
1942 Victory Hugh Twohig $310.00
1943 Palermo Frank Pilley $337.00
1944 Peter G.F. Peceny $375.00
1945 Cinderella Charles McKenna $390.00
1946 Dancer Tetonia Club $450.00
1947 Mistletoe H.R. Scroggs $500.00
1948 Blondie Elks Club $510.00
1949 Meme Wally Wilson & Harold Jacobsen $525.00
1950 Sir Tippet Schaff's Hardware, Remsen, Iowa $565.00
1951 Soo Wing Wu E.S. Gaynor $575.00
1952 V-Eight Jess Getz $577.50
1953 Blue Boy Fred K. Harbeck $615.00
1954 Siouxland Coquette Sealyham Terrier Miles Patton $650.00
1955 Donnabelle C.H. Brechlin $700.00
1956 Lorrie Dachsund Russell Deever $710.00
1957 Little Joe R.P. Boulay $725.00
1958 Peggy Bob Johnson $765.00
1959 Nick Sodrac Park $800.00
1960 Happy Carter Dennis $900.00
1961 Little Bill Jerry Kozney $950.00
1962 Missy Mrs. L.J. Kaplan $1,000.00
1963 Little Ike J.J. Arkin $1,075.00
1964 Georgie Dave Levitt $1,130.00
1965 Maxie Miniature Poodle Board of Directors LYD for Mrs. Winifred Perasso $800.00
1966 Joey Poodle Vernon Boyers $810.00
1967 Wacuwa St. Nick Brown and white English Springer Sioux City Grain Exchange $830.00
1968 Paddy Vizsla Pointer United Order Buyers Dixon Co. Feedlots $850.00
1969 Little Maxie Wire haired Dachsund Mr. & Mrs. Irving Levich $640.00
1970 Little Yeller Fawn Colored Chihuahua Julian Torgeson $2,310.00
1971 Scottie Black Scottish Terrier James Gribble $1,650.00
1972 Kandy Cairn Terrier Northwestern National Bank, Stan Evans $1,410.00
1973 Polly Shetland Sheepdog David, Norman & Peter Waitt $1,530.00
1974 Goldie Yellow Labrador Ray E. Friedman $2,520.00
1975 Georgy Boston Terrier Vernon Boyers $3,000.00
1976 Buckwheat Boston Terrier Jim Yanney $3,550.00
1977 Sandy Cocker Spaniel Ray Grandle (Bill Grabau) $3,500.00
1978 Sir Nick English Springer Spaniel Jim Yanney $5,000.00
1979 Jingles Miniature Schnauzer Alan Booge & Jim Cuthbert $7,500.00
1980 Sir Tannenbaum Wire haired Dachsund Alan Booge, Jim Cuthbert & David Sitzmann $8,000.00
1981 Kringles Sheltie Ray & Todi Switzer $5,200.00
1982 Jingles Black & White Cocker Alan Booge $4,400.00
1983 Sir Nicholas Samoyed Larry Doeschot $5,000.00
1984 Sir Lord Stone English Bulldog Ken Opstein $5,100.00
1985 Golden Girl Golden Retriever Bob Hoefer $7,500.00
1986 Golden Boy Golden Retriever Walt E. Beggs $6,700.00
1987 Sir Vern Buff colored Cocker Chuck Avery $6,000.00
1988 Sir Frank Golden Retriever Fred Wells $5,300.00
1989 Elmer's Girl Black and white Cocker Paul Meloy $8,100.00
1990 Mink's Magic Tri-colored Cocker Ted & Norm, Jr. Waitt $8,500.00
1991 Miss Kringels Yellow Chinese Shar-pei Jerry and Kathy Weiner $6,700.00
1992 Noel Bichon Frise harold A. Bomgaars $7,100.00
1993 Lady Gracie Bull Terrier Norm and Andria Waitt $8,600.00
1994 Princess Vi Miniature Schnauzer Fred Wells $6,500.00
1995 Miss Amber Golden Retriever Tom Kurdy $8,700.00
1996 Doc Holiday Golden Retriever Kevin Vaughn of Fimco $12,750.00
1997 Yukon Cornelius Golden Retriever Ted Waitt $15,500.00
1998 Mr. Golden Golden Retriever Roger Miller $15,600.00
1999 Fargo Golden Retriever Hirsch/Wooldridge family $9,000.00
2000 Chad Yellow Labrador Brad Gunderson $10,200.00
2001 Miss Noel Maltese Mike Wells $18,300.00
2002 T-Bone Maltese Jim and Jameley Levich $18,500.00
2003 Seaman Great Newfoundland Todd and Cathy Ellison $11,500.00
2004 Colonel Harold Boston Terrier Bob Scott and Duane Davis $20,000.00
2005 Little Nicholas Poodle Tim Brown and D.A. Davis $21,100.00
2006 Belle Westie Dr. Ralph and Julie Reeder $30,000.00
2007 Brubeck Golden Retriever D.A. Davis, Roger Miller, Leonard Gill, Paul Braunger and Bill Barkley $20,000.00
2008 Boji Cairn Terrier Dave Marx and John Goldsmith $20,000.00
2009 Holly Berry Yorkshire terrier Dan Wells $20,000.00
2010 Hope Miniature Schnauzer Charese Yanney $10,000.00
2011 Stoney Yellow labrador retriever Sioux City Explorers $45,000.00
2012 Truffles American water spaniel Rhonda Capron $14,500.00
2013 Snickers Liver and white springer spaniel Patty and Eric Lohry $15,000.00
2014 Finnegan Scottish terrier Brad Smith $15,000.00
2015 Dasher Beagle Don and Linda Boyer $10,200.00
2016 Aspen Maltese Anonymous $16,000.00
2017 Samantha Maltese Darlene Erickson $15,000

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