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Fall Sensory Poems

Mrs. Paulsen’s 3rd Grade

Woodbury Central School

Moville, Iowa

Ean T.

I see big, fat orange pumpkins in the Fall.

I hear birds singing in the Fall.

I smell pumpkin guts when you are carving.

I taste spicy pumpkin pie baking.

I feel brown, crunchy leaves when I step on them.

Kadynce L.

I see bright, brown, red, and green leaves.

I hear red and brown colored birds chirping.

I smell apple crisp that my mom is making.

I taste delicious ham and apple crisp.

I feel a round, orange, and bumpy pumpkin.

Avery B.

I see a tall, funny, big scarecrow.

I hear red, orange, and yellow crackling leaves.

I smell delicious pumpkin spice coffee.

I taste crispy, yummy, delicious apple pie.

I feel big, round, bumpy, orange pumpkins.

Alyssa O.

I see huge, big pumpkins ready to be picked.

I hear crackling, colorful leaves that are pretty.

I smell pumpkin spice that is really nice.

I taste sweet, sweet, candy corn in my tummy.

I feel a warm fire that makes me cozy.

Drake K.

I see yellow leaves and red leaves from tall trees.

I hear the cardinals singing from very tall trees.

I smell pumpkin pie, apple pie, and brown apple cider.

I taste brown apple cider warm and sweet.

I feel a big, round, hard, and bumpy pumpkin.

Addisyn C.

I see big, bold, crunching leaves.

I hear crunching leaves outside.

I smell great food like pumpkin pie.

I taste warm apple pie tasting yummy.

I feel the hard wind on my body.                  

Ethan T.

I see brown, red, yellow, and orange leaves.

I hear birds chirping and squirrels chattering.

I smell apple cider, pumpkin spice, and pumpkin pie.

I taste pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice, and apple cider.

I feel pumpkin guts inside a pumpkin.

Riley M.

I see farmers cutting the corn and beans for food.

I hear combines cutting the corn and working hard.

I smell pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice, it is so good.

I taste pumpkin seeds baked in the oven, they are so good.

I feel the pumpkin bumps so smooth but hard.

Konnor B.

I see red cardinals that are chirping in the trees.

I hear the green John Deere tractor running.

I smell great cooking pumpkin seeds.

I taste the yummy and sweet apple pie.

I feel the bumpy pumpkins on my fingertips.

Kinlee C.

I see people jumping in orange leaves.

I hear beautiful, small birds chirping.

I smell great pumpkin pie baking.

I taste really good and sweet apple cider.

I feel crunchy, crunchy purple leaves.

Alexis G.

I see all kinds of beautiful leaves falling off the trees.

I hear birds flying south for the winter.

I smell fresh baked pumpkin pie from the oven.

I taste the yummy pumpkin pie.

I feel the wind getting colder.

Braelynn J.

I see yellow, brown, purple, and red leaves falling on the ground.

I hear the sound of bon fires crinkling in the night.

I smell pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven.

I taste apple pie with new apples.

I feel leaves against my hand crumpling up.


Tyler H.

I see beautiful, red leaves.

I hear crackles from crunchy, red leaves.

I smell pie being baked in the oven.

I taste picked, ripe apples from apple trees.

I feel wind blowing on my skin, and it feels good.

Jackson P.

I see red, yellow, orange, and green leaves.

I hear the birds chirp and peck.

I smell pumpkin pie, apple pie, and apple cider.

I taste pumpkin seeds and apple cider.

I feel round, orange pumpkins.

Jayden L.

I see lots and lots of colorful leaves on the ground.

I hear the wind blowing leaves off the trees.

I smell the sweet air from the trees blowing.

I taste the sweet apple pie.

I feel the wind blowing on my skin.

Bristol H.

I see beautiful, bright, red leaves.

I hear crunchy leaves under my feet.

I smell fresh pumpkin pie in the oven.

I taste very delicious pumpkin pie.

I feel orange, bumpy, ripe pumpkins.

Alexis L.

I see brown, yellow, and orange crumply leaves.

I hear a bonfire crackling.

I smell pumpkins growing in my garden.

I taste sweet, yummy pumpkin pie.

I feel the wind blowing on my body.


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