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Jason Gehling, Business Banking Manager and Market President for Wells Fargo in Sioux City, has some sage and sound advice for our students.  If looking for ways to earn a little “pocket change” and have some time to do so, consider the following ideas for fun and enjoyable work.

1. If you have the available space, plant a garden and sell the produce to family and friends.

2. Solicit a few neighbors for mowing jobs. With many families having both parents working this would be a time saver for them and many times parents are willing to pay a young adult to do work like this simply to help them out.

3. Tutoring. There may be younger neighbor kids or cousins who could use help with school work, band, or sports.   I know my own children enjoy working with someone other than mom or dad and it demonstrates the importance of learning.

Completing a job to earn money teaches us the importance of hard work, appreciation for what we have and allows us to be somewhat financially independent and not reliant on others to provide the items we need or want.  Completing a job well is a value we all strive to have.

Jason Gehling

Business Banking Manager and Market President

Wells Fargo    Sioux City

Student Submissions


Money. How to earn it, save it, and spend it. You see the new Superman action figure, but you don’t have enough money to buy it. What do you do? I am James Cleary, and I am here to tell you just that.  First, you get an allowance from your parent or guardian by doing house work. I sell sweet corn in the summer and work in my grandparents’ barn. When you do work, make sure you know what you are doing; you don’t want to get hurt.

Saving. I save my money in many containers. Like my quarter tube. It’s a tube that when it’s full I have $50 in quarters. You can use a box, a jar, or a bank. But don’t get a safe because if you forget the combination, you lose all your money inside it. Whatever you use, all that is important is that your money is safe. You can also put your money safe in a bank and save it. My favorite is a jar so I can mark it with how much money is in it. Keep your money safe!

Spending. You did it! You saved enough money to get the Superman action figure! You gather your money and head for the store! You see it, the all new Superman action figure and you have $5 left after you buy it. You go over and see an animal shelter donation box, and you give the rest of your money to it. Remember save your money, don’t spend all of it. This is James Cleary signing off; good luck and remember to save your money!      Mater Dei            Grade 6


In my savings account, at the bank, I have over $600. I have been saving for five years now. I get most of my money from mowing my grandparent’s lawn. I also get some money from birthdays and holidays. Half of what I earn goes to the bank, some goes to the Siouxland Humane Society, and the rest I spend. I have a savings account because I am saving to go to college. I want to be an airline pilot when I grow up. I want to go to the University of North Dakota. I enjoy flying and looking at planes when I go to airports, so I think I would be a good pilot. Some people, like my mom, are afraid of flying, so when we go on vacation, we have to take the least amount of connection flights. Colten Wolf                           Mater Dei                               Grade 7




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