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Mrs. Ortegren’s third grade class at Hinton is thankful for parents, homes, schools and Thanksgiving feasts.

I am thankful for my mom and dad. I am thankful that we have food at my house, and that we have God to protect us. I am also thankful for having money. Happy Thanksgiving!            Breckin S.


Some things I am thankful for are family, good health, food, my house, and education. I am also thankful that I live in a safe town. I love that I learn something new everyday. I am thankful for support from my family and my friends. My family is the best!        Megan L.

Things I am thankful for are: my family, my sister, my mother, my dad, my fish, my clothes, and my money. I am also thankful for: our car, our truck, my stuffed animals and toys, my house, food, and water. Things in my house I am thankful for are: my books, my room, my closet, my furniture, my clothes, my bed and my blankets. Things outside I am thankful for are: my neighbors, my friends, my bike, my scooter, and my golf cart. At school I am thankful for are: my teacher, my classmates, my soccer team, my basketball team, my softball team, and my homework! Cailyn B.

Something I am most thankful for is God for creating the world. I’m also thankful for my mom and my dad for taking care of me and feeding me food. I’m also thankful for church for teaching my about God and how he created the world. I’m thankful for our new pastor. She is nice to me and loves children. I’m thankful for school for teaching me new things every day. I’m also thankful for books to help me read new words. I’m also thankful for my teacher, Mrs. Ortegren, for being a good teacher for me and everyone else in the classroom. I’m thankful for my classmates, because they are nice to me and I’m nice to them! So that’s what I’m thankful for; it’s a lot of things! Wow! Ellie H.

Hallows’ Eve

T’was the night before The Day of the Dead, and all through the cemetery, not a person was around, except one little girl named Lacey Hallows.  She is 7 years old.   Lacey lives with her grandma and grandpa. Their rules are very strict and hard to follow so… she ran away.

It had been three years since her parents had died.  She was trying to find their grave.  It was her first time visiting the cemetery, so she didn’t know where it was.  She just wished they wouldn’t have died!  They died in a fire. She was in her room reading a book, then she heard her grandma scream. When she got up to try to find her grandma and why she screamed, she found her lying on the floor crying.  Then she heard through the sobbing that her parents were dead.  No one knows how the fire started.

She found a grave that said Valentine.  When she heard a twig snap behind her, her head whipped around, body slowly following.  Her whole body went cold, like all the life was drained out.  She opened her eyes, and saw a book lying on the ground in front of her.  The book's title was The Lost Hallows by Lucy and Peter Hallows.  Those were her parents’ names. A rush of confusion and anger dwelled deep inside her.  She opened the book, inside she found…

Cora R.

Sibley-Ocheyedan CSD

Ms. Heyn’s 6th Grade Literacy

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