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Our Spectacular Future Stars Classroom

This is our classroom:  Mrs. Irwin’s Future Stars

We are here to tell you what all we have done in our classroom so far this year and what we will continue to do to make learning fun.  In math Mrs. Irwin has introduced us to a few real-life connections.

Here are some examples:  We write ourselves a paycheck on Fridays.  (Yes, a paycheck.)  Through check-writing and documentation we are learning:  place value (word form and standard form), multiplication (hourly wage times total hours), decimals, money and we have to be in school in order to make money or get paid for the day (punctuality).

We have an auction every other week!  Mrs. Irwin buys educational items to put in our auction.  Every day we have a chance to earn Irwin Bucks (pretend money with Mrs. Irwin’s picture in the middle).  She is always paying us for doing special positive things and showing STAR behavior.  If you save your money, you can bid on items you like with a chance of out bidding someone else.  Some of us spend our money right away and others save their money.  Once we bid on the item and if you are the top bidder then you have to count your money to Mrs. Irwin before you get the item. 

In Science she brought in real live plants from home.  That is a job for the week so we will all get a turn to take care of the plants!  We have to feed the plants, prune the plants, and get rid of the dead leaves and stems.  She even has a feed the plants and said they are just like us and they need nutrients to survive.  We also learn about plants in our science curriculum.

In reading Mrs. Irwin is trying to make each of us an illustrator by having us make our own illustration books with our classroom novel she is reading.  It depends on what skill we are learning that we match our drawing.  For example, if it is the main idea we are working on, then that is what we draw for each chapter and write a caption under each drawing to describe the picture.

Other fun activities we enjoy include the newspaper.  We go grocery shopping and buy items with money.  We get the grocery ads on Wednesday and make a list of what we need or want.  Again, Mrs. Irwin said this is a real life skill and it is important to realize that groceries cost money.

We write up responses to the Kids Scoop every Wednesday.  It is neat to see our names in the newspaper and practice our writing skills.  Some of our parents didn’t know that Kid Scoop News existed until we brought our responses (the whole Wednesday newspaper) home to show them.  They were just as excited as we were to see our name and classroom.

We love doing hands-on-activities.  We have that in our reading and math stations, too. 

So far Mrs. Irwin’s class is fun and learning is taking place.  She is funny, too. 

Mrs. Irwin’s Future Stars Fourth Grade Students at Leeds Elementary

Ms. Vandenbroucke’s Third Grade Class from Hunt Elementary Loves Their Experience!

My class is special because of friends.  Friends are funny and they help each other in problems.  Teachers help you, too.  I love my class and I hope you like it if you visit.  Did I tell you I have the best teacher Miss V.? Miss V.’s fun when we do math or reading she makes it fun or makes a joke about it.  We also have fun books like Captain Underpants and Diary of a Wimpy Kid and other books too but that’s two of them.  That’s all I have for you.  What is your favorite part of my story?       Adrian Garcia Corona

My classroom is the best class because everyone tries to be funny.  The person who does the lamest jokes is Miss V.  She thinks she is so funny but the other kids told me that she is not funny, but I think she is funny.  Sam on the other hand, thinks that she is funny, too.  The other thing I like about my class is when we do math every one helps each other.  When we don’t know a problem we can ask people beside us to help us with the problem.  Our teacher Miss V. said three before me!  The thing I hate the most is that math is really hard for me. When Miss V. tells us what to do and I don’t get it...  I’m like, “What are we doing?”  She helps me.

Are you like me?  Oh, I forgot to ask you…was third grade hard for you yes or no?  Now, let’s get back to my classroom.  Reading is my favorite thing in school because of laptops and I just found out that in Lexia in level 18 is the last level!  Don’t you wann’a come to my classroom? Cristopher Reynoso Lopez

Hello, our names are Sam and Correna.  We are going to tell you about our fun classroom!  Our teacher Miss V. cracks a lot of jokes and you should hear some of them.  Let us tell you one.  What did the cake say to the fork?…You want a piece of me?  Here is another joke.  Sometimes Miss V. says she will not say your name because you have on the shirt that she doesn’t like. She said it to me because I was wearing an Iowa sweater and she was just kidding around with me.  There are a lot of nice people who could be your friends.  In our classroom we have awesome

zig -zag curtains!  They are black and white.  In the classroom we have awesome chapter books.  All of us had Miss V. in 2nd grade and some of us even had Miss V. in 1st grade!  We had tables for two years and this year we got desks and they are awesome!  We love our 3rd grade classroom do you?  Samantha Gonzalez and Correna Ayon


Our classroom is the best room in the school.  First, we have been the same class for second and third grades. This is called looping and Ms. V. has taught some of us! Some of us were even in this same class in first grade!  That’s a long time with the same class!  Second, we have the greatest teacher Miss V.  She is always cracking jokes like, “Where did the pencil go on vacation? ... Pennsylvania!”  Third, when we walk into the room we see black and white zig-zag curtains.  Wow!  They are so cool!  Last, our room smells like the fresh outdoors.  Wouldn’t you like to come and visit the best classroom in the entire school?  OUR CLASSROOM


Mrs. Ross’s Second Grade Class at Unity is Awesome!

Our classroom is special because we learn and try new things every day.  The most important piece of our classroom is Mrs. Ross.  She lets us use our laptops.  We use books and white boards every day.  Our class works very hard at Lexia.  We have many groups and stations.  I try my best on DOJO.  I like Lexia and it is awesome.  I like school because I get to see my friends.


Our classroom is special because Mrs. Ross is the best teacher in the whole wide world.  She tells us how many DOJO points we received.  Why, Nolan has thirty-eight, Yaretzi has thirty-eight, Tate has thirty and well that is great!  The other important part about Mrs. Ross is that she is pretty.  She is the best second grade teacher.  Mrs. Ross lets us do extra writing.  She lets us sit in the wobbly chairs, too.


Mrs. Ross’s classroom is special because she has these great wobbly chairs.  She also has three purple chairs that are very comfy.  Mrs. Ross uses the dual board and she connects her computer so we can watch things on the dual board.  Something cool in the classroom is Mrs. Ross’s class dojo.  The bean bags and soccer balls are great.  The soccer ball is black and white.  Mrs. Ross’s centers are fun and she has laptops and computers that are great.  Her chapter books are funny...on the side they say, “My Weird School Bus.”  Mrs. Ross’s books are funny and our classroom is very clean, too!


Our classroom is special because we move wobbly chairs in our classroom.  Mrs. Ross is like the best teacher ever!  She has laptops.  She helps us with our math and writing.  She lets us bring our snacks home to eat.  I like to get DOJO points because when we get to 20 points, we get to sit in the special purple chair.  In math, we’ve learned about counting by fives and tens.  Our classroom is so awesome.  Gabby

Our classroom is special because we are special.  We put others ur classroom is special because we are special.  We put otherr. our snacks home to eat.  I like to get DOJO points because whenfirst and we respect each other.  We keep each other safe and happy!  We learn how to do special stuff.  Our teacher helps us learn to do even more stuff!  Today, I gave her a ring.  I like it when we do board math.  When we go to WIN time, we go to a teacher or on the computer.  After school, we go home to our family.  Our classroom is a very good classroom!


Our classroom is the best because we get to sit in the purple chair if we get 20 DOJO points or more.  Math is my favorite thing to do.  I like the knight cards because, when we do something nice, we get a knight card.  At lunch, we have the nicest lunch ladies.  Their names are June, Stephanie, and Gwen.  We build our fluency with a partner then get a big card and read it.  We go to P.E. and science at the end of the day.  Our classroom is the best because, well, we are good at everything!  Braelyn


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