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Have you ever been deer or turkey hunting? These sports are my favorite for the hunting season. Hunting requires attention to the rules and there are things you can and can’t do. One thing you can’t do is shoot a .22 caliber rifle which is only for mountain lion and coyote hunting. You can use a bow and arrow or a shotgun for every hunting season. (A season is a period of time that is mainly 30 days.) First you have to obtain a license for the animal you want to hunt. You can only shoot that animal in that period of time.

One thing you need to know about is kill spots and where to shoot the animal. Shooting and killing an animal must be done in a certain spot on the animal.  As a hunter, you must learn the humane method. Shoot it in the vital area. The vitals are the heart, lungs, and all the important parts in an animal’s body. Shoot deer behind its front shoulder and that’s where the heart is. A turkey must be shot in the head or aim for its chest where the heart is found. I know a lot about hunting but I’m still learning.  We believe hunting should be legal, but one must follow the rules and not waste any of the animal or be inhumane in any way.

 Cahill K.                                Mater Dei                               Grade 6


I like fall because watching and playing sports are what I love to do! I enjoy the action in football, basketball, and volleyball. The In the fall I play volleyball, which I am doing right now. I also play basketball, but that does not start until later in October.

I like fall because of the weather and during colder weather you wear warmer clothes. During fall you can wear clothes like sweatshirts, pants, long sleeves, sweatpants, and some other warmer clothes. I also like playing outside. I love to go outside and jump on the trampoline, play with my neighbors, and play volleyball with my sister. In the fall you can’t wait for Halloween and Thanksgiving! On Halloween my neighbor and I go trick or treating with our siblings. On Thanksgiving Day I go over to my grandma’s . Those are most of the things I like and like doing when it is fall. What makes fall fun and entertaining for you? Alyssa R.               Mater Dei


It is finally here, football season! I play running back- offense and on defense I play outside linebacker. I like playing offense more than defense because when I’m running back I can “truck” kids and “juke” them. Football is such a fun sport, all the big hits, really cool catches, touchdowns, interceptions, and fumbles bring so much excitement to the game. During football season you have bruises and cuts; you have to be pretty tough to play football.

My favorite part about football is my own football games on Saturday mornings. I really like them in the morning because it’s nice and cool. Every Saturday during the football season, I go to my game and then I come home and watch the Iowa football game. I really like the fall and football season; it is one of my favorite times of the year. Watch out Saturday, cause’ here we come!

Nate Solma                             Mater Dei                               Grade 6                                 

I’m Maddie and I love sports! They’re my favorite thing!! I’m going to give you the updates, rankings, and cool things about them. Let’s start with girls cross country! Now, if you don’t know what cross country is, it’s where boys or girls are in different divisions and run really long routes over tough terrain! The following is about the girl’s 3A division and the boy’s 3A division.  The top five in the girl’s division are Decorah-first, Walhert, Bishop Heelan, Pella, and Humboldt. If you want to know more, go to the Sioux City Journal. Here are the boy’s 3A division rankings: Gilbert, Dallas Center Grimes, Decorah, Grinnell , Walhert. Running is a life-long sport and one I am going to try!

Now, on to the NFL and college football! For the NFL, I will tell you the rankings in each division. AFC East the Bills, AFC West, the Broncos, AFC North, the Steelers,( my favorite team!!) AFC South the Jaguars, NFC East the Eagles, NFC West the Rams, NFC North the Vikings and NFC South the Panthers. There are 32 teams in the NFL. I love watching football and watching Carrie Underwood singing the opening songs.

Now, the best for last is here!  I love college football and the Huskers are my favorite team.  I love all the game day food, the tail gating parties, the yard games and being with friends and family.  The top five Big 10 rankings are: Alabama-1, followed by Oklahoma, Clemson, USC, and Penn State.  If you want to more, search Google or follow the sports on television!

Maddie Demke                                  Mater Dei                               Grade 6



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