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Q: I live in a nine-unit self-managed condominium building. Over the years, the board members rented out their units. In one year, two units sold and a third unit is up for sale. I’m concerned about the direction we’re going in. The president still rents out his unit. I’m a long-time resident. What do you think of the status of this situation?

Social media users shared a range of false claims this week. Here are the facts: An IRS job posting for an armed special agent position does not apply to most potential new employees that the IRS will hire in the coming years. The virus that causes polio has been detected in New York sewage samples, not tap water. Los Angeles County disqualified signatures on petitions calling for a vote to recall its district attorney, not ballots or ballot signatures. Denmark hasn't banned COVID-19 vaccines for children.

A Michigan judge has blocked county prosecutors from enforcing a pre-Roe abortion ban that would have allowed providers to be charged with a felony. The preliminary injunction Friday comes after the state Court of Appeals ruled earlier this month that a May preliminary injunction applies only to the attorney general’s office, not county prosecutors who handle most crimes. The judge’s ruling followed two days of testimony from witnesses. Prosecutors in some of the state’s most populous counties have said they would not charge providers regardless of the decision, but Republican prosecutors in Kent, Jackson and Macomb counties have said they should be able to enforce the 1931 law. David Kallman, an attorney representing two Republican county prosecutors, says an appeal is planned.

When the U.S. Supreme Court in June overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that established a right to abortion, it sparked legal changes and court challenges in states nationwide. In some states, there are multiple bans and multiple lawsuits in play, keeping the landscape unsettled. And further legislation could soon change things again. The June 24 Dobbs v. Jackson ruling is expected to lead ultimately to bans or deep restrictions on access to abortion in about half the states. Meanwhile, most Democrat-led states have put into place policies intended to protect abortion access.

Lawyers for North Dakota’s lone abortion clinic that two weeks ago closed its doors are asking a judge to delay the start of the state’s trigger law banning the procedure. The abortion ban is set to go into effect Aug. 26. The Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo argued Friday for a preliminary injunction as part of a lawsuit that says the ban violates the state constitution. Burleigh County District Judge Bruce Romanick said he would make a decision on the motion by the end of next week. The clinic has already moved its services from Fargo to neighboring Moorhead, Minnesota, where abortion remains legal.


Content by Brand Ave. Studios. The annual Amazon Prime Day is coming July 12 and 13, and per usual will offer discounts on many of your favorite things.

Content by Brand Ave. Studios. The annual Amazon Prime Day is coming July 12 and 13, and per usual will offer discounts on many of your favorite things.

You can’t go wrong with the classic combination of chocolate and peanut butter. TikTok creator @isaiahacosta716 shows how easy it is to make chocolate peanut butter cups at home with a muffin tin. They only take 15 minutes to assemble.

Making your own Snickers bar is easier than you might think (though a food processor definitely helps). This recipe from @bakesby.britt is a healthier vegan alternative to the store bought version.

If you love the watermelon version of Sour Patch candy but you want a healthier alternative without any gelatin, try this recipe from @jacquegotmeat using real watermelon rinds.

There are some very special groups of dogs out there, known as Gifted Word Learners, their particular talent is being able to learn the names of multiple toys. Buzz60’s Maria Mercedes Galuppo has the story.

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