Having dogs is a rewarding experience, but cleaning up the yard after them isn’t exactly a desirable chore. Alex Fuller realized this and that’s why he started the dog waste pick up business Poo Sux.

Poo Sux was founded at the end of February but didn’t fully take off until March.

“We really went full force in March when it got more organized,” Fuller said.

Fuller, a full-time web designer, got the idea for the business from an out-of-town client whose former web designer also had a waste pick up business in Florida.

“I thought it was a great idea and something I could do on the side to supplement my income,” Fuller said.

Helping dogs seem more appealing to potential adopters is hopefully an effect of the business, he said.

“There are tons of dogs looking for homes and tons of families that would be perfect candidates to house a dog, but they don’t,” Fuller said. “We looked at why and part of that is because they don’t have time to pick up after it.”

“So, we are eliminating that problem and I’d like to think maybe helping more dogs get homes,” he added.

Fuller’s company also works with apartment owners and landlords hoping to make more apartment communities pet friendly.

“We’ve been trying to align ourselves with those landlords and have them include us in their rent prices so that people moving in don’t have to get rid of their dogs,” he said. “Dogs are family and so many people have to get rid of their dogs when they move since landlords are afraid they won’t get cleaned up after.”

Fuller has two dogs himself, a Husky/German shepherd mix and a dachshund mix.

“I had dogs growing up my whole life,” he said. “I’m a firm believer that dogs are family. I’ve been through a lot with my dogs.”

Poo Sux cleans yards on Thursdays and Sundays and charges based on the number of dogs in the household. If the weather is bad on those days, Fuller and his employees will do their best to come the next day.

Options include adding a non-toxic biodegradable spray to the yard that breaks down any remaining bad smells that might linger.

“The spray is really safe,” Fuller said. “The kids can go play in the yard right away after we spray it.”

After cleaning the yard, the crew takes the waste away and disinfects all supplies so diseases aren’t transferred between yards.

“We don’t want to spread (parvovirus) or anything,” Fuller said. “We also use safe disinfectant because we don’t want to destroy your yard with bleach."

Fuller stresses the importance of keeping yards free of dog waste, not for just cleanliness, but for safety as well.

“The more you’re on top of cleaning your yard, the less bugs and other gross things you’ll have in your yard,” he said.

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