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ORANGE CITY, Iowa --  Northwestern College history professor Dr. Robert Winn is the author of "Christianity in the Roman Empire: Key Figures, Beliefs and Practices of the Early Church (A.D. 100 - 300)," a 150-page paperback book published by the Massachusetts-based Hendrickson Publishers.

The book is structured into three parts: Christianity in the Year 100; Christianity in a Hostile World (100 - 250); and Faith and Practice in the Third Century.

Winn said today's Christians can learn a lot by studying Christians who lived in the Roman Empire before Constantine.

"Early Christians in many ways were in the mane positions as us today, trying to make sense of a sacred text and determine how it applies to their lives," he said. "The context is different, but it's amazing that we address similar questions." 

"Christianity in the Roman Empire" is written for a general audience and can be used for by book clubs, small groups and adult Sunday school classes.

The book is available at,, and other online book retailers.

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