SIOUX CITY -- On the walls of Brightside Cafe & Deli, you can find inspiring quotes from the Bible as well as sayings from such intellectual heavyweights as Mark Twain, Gandhi and, even, Albus Dumbledore.

Food Brightside Cafe and Deli

Shown with a side of potato salad, Brightside Cafe & Deli's gourmet Brightside Burger -- a one-third pound patty, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickles and a zesty Brightside sauce -- is just one of the 525 Fourth St. eatery's menu items that can be delivered to your home or office, via Bite Squad, a Minneapolis-based third party food delivery operation, which recently entered the Sioux City market. A delivery fee -- based upon the distance a customer and a restaurant -- is calculated into the price that Bite Squad charges.

Yes, we mean Dumbledore, as in the headmaster of J.K. Rowling's fictional Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, featured in the "Harry Potter" series of books and movies.  

"We want to be the place where people can relax and escape their hectic lives," Erik Munoz said inside the eatery's dining room. "They may only be here for a breakfast or a lunch or during a coffee break. We want to represent the bright side in the lives of our guests."

It had long been the dream of Munoz, 19, and his brother Juan Munoz, 29, of opening their own restaurant.

Food Brightside Cafe and Deli

Consisting of bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs and toast, the Brightside Breakfast is a delicious way to start your day. Made-to-order breakfasts and specialty omelets will be available at Brightside Cafe & Deli.

When Little Chicago Deli, a downtown Sioux City mainstay for more than 30 years, closed abruptly in October, the Munoz brothers knew the 525 Fourth St. location would be perfect for them.

"Juan and I envisioned this would be a terrific place for a deli-style restaurant that would serve coffee and specialty omelets in the morning, as well as soups, salads and sandwiches for lunch," Munoz said. "There are enough downtown office workers who want something better than fast food."

Food Brightside Cafe and Deli

Chef Sarah Byers plates a Brightside Burger inside the kitchen at the Brightside Cafe and Deli. In addition to burgers, the cafe offers a full, lunchtime menu of homemade soups, salads and sub sandwiches. 

In addition, the Munozes weren't afraid of getting their hands dirty.

"As soon as we moved into the location in March, we began painting, repairing and reworking the space ourselves," Munoz said. "Luckily, we benefited from a lot of our dad's expertise."

Indeed, Pablo Munoz, a local property manager is as handy with a hammer as he is with a spatula.

"Yeah, our dad taught his family the value of hard work," Munoz said. "He also made sure we knew our way around a kitchen."

Food Brightside Cafe and Deli

Classic comfort food fare like French Toast will always be on the menu at Brightside Cafe & Menu, according to co-owner Erik Munoz. Munoz, who owns the 525 Fourth St. eatery with his brother Juan, thinks Brightside's downtown location will attract office workers wanting a respite from fast food. 

While dad hasn't had much input in Brightside's menu, the food certainly looks amazing.

Food Brightside Cafe and Deli

Shown with ham, cucumber slices and plenty of crunchy croutons, Brightside Cafe & Deli's chef salad is just one of the 525 Fourth St. eatery's healthy lunch items.

For instance, the Grizzly Omelet -- which includes ham, bacon, sausage and cheese mixed into the egg -- is enough to satisfy even the hungriest of bears.

Similarly, the Brightside Burger -- an all-beef patty served with pickles, lettuce and onions -- is already becoming a signature item at lunch time.

"I think what makes the Brightside Burger is the sauce," general manager Karla Ruby said. "The sauce gives it a kick."

Food Brightside Cafe and Deli

A lunch consisting of a chicken Caesar salad seems like a bright way to spend one's lunch hour. Lunchtime salads, soups and sandwiches will be available at Brightside Cafe & Deli, daily from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

"I've tried the Brightside sauce on the sweet potato fries and they're incredible," interjected chef Sarah Byers. "I'm pretty sure the sauce can go on anything and taste good."

Munoz smiled when listening to his enthusiastic kitchen staff. After all, he'll be relying on them quite a bit.

"Juan has a full-time job as a chiropractor," he said. "So Brightside will be my life and my home for the time being."

Food Brightside Cafe and Deli

Fresh-from-the-fryer sweet potato fries are given more punch when served with Brightside Cafe & Deli's signature Brightside sauce, according to general manager Karla Ruby.

Thankfully, Munoz has plenty of ideas as well as a unique business philosophy.

"It's a blessing to start your own business and we think it is so important to give back to your community," he said. "We want to be successful but we want to represent a bright side to all of Siouxland as well."

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