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Warmer Home


Winter heating bills add up quickly, but on freezing days everyone wants to come home to a warm house. These hacks will help you keep cozy without turning up the thermostat.

1) Use your curtains to keep warm.

Keeping your curtains (or window treatments) open during sunny days and closed at night is one of the simplest things you can do to heat up your home and retain that heat.

2) Use flannel sheets and heavy bedding.

Heavy bedding can help you save on energy costs, and allows you to turn the thermostat down or off at night. Use flannel sheets, blankets, and a heavy comforter in winter to retain your body heat while you sleep.

3) Cover bare floors.

Getting out of bed or out of the shower is a whole lot harder when you’re stepping on cold floors. Cover hardwood, laminate, and tile floors with rugs to keep your toes warm.

4) Block drafts.

If you feel cold drafts around your windows and doors, you’re losing heat and paying higher energy bills. Add weatherstrip seals around cracks where you feel a draft to keep your home warmer.

5) Dress for the weather.

Layering clothing inside, wearing a cozy sweater, and leaving a knit hat on may not warm up the temperature of your home, but it will help you stay comfortable while cutting down on energy costs.

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