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Our phones do just about everything, from giving us directions to playing our favorite songs. Most of us like to have our phone on hand during a road trip—but having our phone in hand while driving is dangerous. Enter this smartly designed phone mount from Beam that connects to car air vents.

Safer Phone Use

We all know what a danger texting and driving poses but keeping your phone in hand during calls can also increase your risk of accidents. This car air vent phone mount allows you to easily answer calls on speaker and requires no more hand movement than turning on the radio. It’s also perfect for playing music while you drive.

Easy Navigation

If you’re driving to a new place, your phone is an essential tool to keep you from getting lost. But too many of us throw our phones on our lap and glance away from the road to read the navigation. This car air vent clip keeps your eyeline on the road while you drive toward new adventures.

Why Customers Love It

This smartphone car clip holds most cellphones, including iPhone models 5 through 7, Samsung Galaxy 4 through 6, HTC, LG, Nexus, and Nokia phones. It’s easy to install and can be rotated 360 degrees with one hand so you have the perfect view of navigation. Customers also noted how well-built and sturdy this phone clip was while also being light enough for the air vent.

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