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Air fryers are a great way to make your favorite once-greasy dishes without as much oil, but you might not be getting as much use out of your air fryer as you could be. For those with an 8-inch air fryer, this super helpful accessory kit costs just $30 and contains all the tools you need. Not sure how to get started? The set contains a cookbook too. Here are 5 of the highlights:

1) Cake Baking Barrel

If you’ve never thought of making a cake in your air fryer before, this accessory kit will change that. The cake baking barrel will help you fix your favorite desserts—and it’s perfect for bread too.

2) Pizza Pan

This accessory kit also contains an item that will help you make everyone’s favorite weekend dinner—pizza. The pizza pan can be used to make customized pizzas with healthier toppings than takeout, or you can use it to make biscuits and cookies.

3) Skewers Rack

Fry up your favorite veggies or meat on the skewer rack. It comes with 4 skewers so you can make lamb, chicken, beef, and sides.

4) Toasting Rack

Need to save time while fixing breakfast for a big group? Skip the toaster and use this air fryer toasting rack instead. You can make up to 8 pieces at once.

5) Metal Holder

One of the downsides of any kitchen appliance is extra clean-up, but this included metal holder makes it easier to clean your air fryer by keeping sticky food away from the bottom. It also maximizes the cooking area so you can make family meals.

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