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Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa can wake you up in the morning, play whatever song you’re in the mood for, and tell you the weather, so it’s no surprise Alexa can help make the holidays less stressful too. If you’re juggling dozens of dishes in the kitchen this time of year, try these Alexa features to stay on top of holiday food prep.

1) Create grocery lists.

Before you even step foot in the kitchen, Alexa can help you with holiday food prep. As you’re figuring out what to fix for friends and family, add ingredients to your grocery list by saying something like, “Alexa, add whole milk to my shopping list.” When you’re at the store, pull up the Alexa app to have your notes at your fingertips.

2) Keep track of time.

Alexa can help you keep track of cook times on multiple dishes at once thanks to the ability to set multiple timers. To give the multiple timers names, request it like this: “Alexa, set a green bean timer for 10 minutes.”

3) Try out new recipes.

If you’re not making full use out of Alexa’s cooking and recipe skills, the holidays are the perfect time to download them. Add skills like Allrecipes or Love & Lemons to ask about healthy side dishes or delicious desserts.

4) Convert units of measurement.

If you run into a recipe that calls for milliliters or specific weights, you can use Alexa to covert units. Simply ask Alexa how many milliliters is in a teaspoon or how much a cup of sugar weighs.

5) Find substitute ingredients.

There are few things as frustrating as running out of an ingredient on Christmas day just hours before guests arrive. With stores on limited holiday hours and grocery lines that wind through the aisles the week before, save yourself the trip and use the Alexa skill Ingredient Sub to find something you have on hand that will complete the recipe.

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