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Laser Level


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Laser levels make DIY projects and decorating easy, whether you’re hanging pictures, putting up holiday lights, or painting stirpes on walls or furniture. While some laser levels cost $35 and up, this Amazon customer favorite from Qooltek comes in at just $13.


This laser level includes an 8-foot tape measure, triple-positioned leveling bubbles, and the laser level so you can check your lines three ways. The laser level provides a vertical and horizontal level and works best indoors or in dim outdoor light. Batteries are included (with an extra set for long jobs), so you’re ready to get to work immediately.

Why Customers Love It

With over 2,000 Amazon reviews, this laser level has plenty of feedback. Customers loved the value of this level which was less expensive than similar models. Customers also liked the smart design of a triple-function bubble level, laser level, and tape measure.

When one reviewer had issues with a defective laser level, customer service offered a speedy response and replacement level. This laser level was used for around the house hanging jobs, DIY projects, and by artists to create straight lines.

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