Lower Fourth Street

Sioux City architect Charles P. Brown designed the Lexington Block building in the Italianate and Greek Revival architectural styles featuring arched windows on the 4th floor and elaborate foliage patterns on the façade. Initially occupied by the Dow Clothing Company (1891-95), notable occupants included a print shop (1895-97), the Henry A. Baker Company clothes manufacturing firm (1897-1916), and Max R. Mushkin’s clothing store (1917-28). Later, Zimmerman Furniture Company (1933-51), occupied the western half of the building while the Monarch Billiard Parlor (1934-56), operated out of the eastern half of the building. The Sioux City Gospel Mission owned the building (1957-86) until it was razed in 1987 to make way for the Sioux City Convention Center. This building was located on the north side of Fourth Street between Jennings and Jones streets.