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What were the mascots for the old Sioux City high schools, like Leeds High and Riverside High? What were their school colors? -- Moville, Iowa

The Riverside Cavaliers' colors wore red, white and light blue. The former high school building has been used as Riverside Elementary School for the last two years.

Blue and gold were the colors for the Leeds Lancers. The high school became a junior high school in 1971 and has been an elementary school since 1979.

Where could I purchase sushi/sashimi grade fish, particularly tuna, in Sioux City? -- Sioux City

Fuji Bay, a downtown Sioux City restaurant, is the only place that could be found to offer these items.

What is the difference between a junior college and a community college? -- Sioux City

Both are two-year institutions that are post-secondary. Junior colleges historically offer a general education and have been considered a lower division of private universities.

Community colleges have existed for more than 100 years and initially provided liberal arts education. This changed over time to meet the needs of the communities they serve. Community colleges are funded by tax dollars.

Is the arch over Smith Villa Children's Park still there? -- Sioux City

Smith Villa Park, which can be found at 18th and Ruby streets, no longer has an arch.

I've seen this sign around town -- Charles City College Hall. Please explain. -- Sioux City

Charles City Hall is the oldest building on the campus of Morningside College, states Cathie Phillips of public relations. It was erected in 1890 when the college was called University of the Northwest.

In 1894, the school became Morningside College and the building was used for many years as the Conservatory of Music. Currently, it is used for offices and classrooms for political science, religious studies, history and philosophy.

Charles City Hall is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

What is the artist's name who created The Journal's "News Hound" Seaman dog which is in front of the building? -- Sioux City

Rita M. Habeger of Sioux City is the local artist.

Was the Sioux City Brick and Tile Company of Sergeant Bluff ever located in Sioux City? -- Sioux City

According to Sorensen and Chicoine's "Sioux City A Pictorial History," Sioux City Brick and Tile Company began in north Riverside. Brick and tile manufacturing was a major industry for Sioux City for many years because of the bountiful deposits of rich glacial clays and ready markets for the finished products. This company was the largest and longest-lived of many brick companies in the city.

The company closed its Riverside plant and moved its base of operation to Sergeant Bluff in 1964.

I would like to know about a building which is currently called "Enterprises Car Rental" in Greenville. It was formerly known as the "Capital Tavern." But what was it before that? -- Hinton, Iowa

From city directories at the Pearl Street Research Center, it was found that the building at 117 S. Westcott St. was "Richard Nash Produce" in the year 1932 and "Paul's Tavern" during 1938 and 1939.

Who was the architect for the Woodbury County Courthouse? -- Sergeant Bluff

William LaBarthe Steele was the architect for the courthouse and construction began in 1916. It opened in 1918.

The style of architecture is described as Prairie School. The building has been called "functional, modern, but leaning toward classic, reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright."

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