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George Washington McNugget

This McDonald's Chicken McNugget resembling George Washington sold for $8,100 on eBay Monday. The owner, Rebekah Speight, of Dakota City, plans to use the proceeds to help pay for children from a Sioux City church to attend camp this summer.

DAKOTA CITY -- Fret not: The George Washington chicken nugget auction is back on.

Officials for eBay on Friday emailed Rebekah Speight, of Dakota City, saying she will be allowed to use the website to sell a McNugget she thinks looks like the first president.

Her plan to auction the chicken chunk and give proceeds to a Sioux City church grabbed international media attention this week.

Bids reached $10,200 before Speight on Thursday received an email from eBay saying her auction was suspended because it violated the site's rules.

"Food stuffs can be listed on eBay as long as the item complies with all federal and state regulations," the email said.

Speight said she was shocked since the auction was for charity and had a disclaimer that the frozen McNugget was not for human consumption.

"It was in a bidding war at that point, and all of a sudden it was gone," said Speight, who has been hanging on to the nugget since buying it at a McDonald's three years ago.

On Friday, eBay sent another email to Speight saying the company changed its mind and re-listed the auction.

"When an item becomes a high profile item, as your item has been listed in a few articles, we are willing to make exceptions to help your cause," eBay said in the email.

Officials from eBay did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The re-listing set the bids back to zero. As of Friday night, the presidential poultry was getting $1,050.

Speight plans to give whatever money is generated to Sioux City Family Worship Center, on Indian Hills Drive. The church wants to raise $15,000 to send almost 50 children to a summer camp this year.


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