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SIOUX CITY -- A plastic bottle rigged into an improvised acid bomb detonated in a residential Sioux City neighborhood Saturday.

Deputy Fire Marshall Troy Hedlund said a resident found the bottle bomb resting against the curb near the Third Avenue and South Newton Street intersection just before 11:30 a.m.

The resident saw that the bottle was bowed out at the sides and had a suspicious green liquid in it, Hedlund said. The bottle also contained tinfoil in, which is used to create a chemical reaction that builds up pressure until the device explodes.

"Lucky in this case he recognized what it was, otherwise he would have picked it up," Hedlund said. "Picking it up would have sped up the reaction and someone could have been seriously hurt."

Hedlund said he suspects teenagers tossed the bottle out a car to watch the blast. The devices are sometimes put inside mailboxes.

"In that closed space, it amplifies the effects and you can get one heck of a blast," he said. "If it can destroy a mailbox, it can seriously injure a person."

Responding firefighters kept their distance from the bottle Saturday until it blew up on its own. No injuries were reported and the incident is under investigation.

A green liquid and bowed out sides on a bottle could indicate an acid bomb, and residents should not pick up the device, Hedlund said. Residents should instead call 911.

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