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Sunny day in Cherokee

Expect plenty of sunshine and heat today in Siouxland. Sioux City's high is forecast to be 95 degrees with high humidity. Showers and thunderstorms are forecast for Wednesday afternoon through Thursday night.

SIOUX CITY -- Chilly air greeted Siouxlanders as they walked out their front doors Thursday morning. 

Thursday's high temperature in Sioux City is expected to be only 16 degrees according to the Sioux Falls National Weather Service. The low temperature Thursday night is expected to be 1 degree, with a wind chill around -10 degrees. 

Temperatures will bounce back on Friday, with a high temperature around 31 degrees, and a Friday night low around 19 degrees. 

There is a possibility of very light snow on Saturday. Jen Hacker, a meteorologist with the Sioux Falls National Weather Service, said the system will hit areas north of Sioux City, like Sioux Falls, harder. 

Sioux City will see "maybe a tenth, two tenths of an inch" of snow, she said. 

There is another chance of snow on Monday, but Hacker said it doesn't look like large amounts of snow are coming this way with that system either. 

The Monday snow could be light and powdery, and that may be an issue when coupled with wind. 

"We will have some winds maybe 10 to 20 miles an hour that could produce some, at least a little drifting," she said. 


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