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A person walks past the reflection of City Hall in Sioux City, Iowa.

SIOUX CITY -- Expect showers, thunderstorms and gusting winds in Siouxland for much of Tuesday, said Tim Masters, a technician with the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls.

"We seem to be in a cool, wet period that's been hard to shake," he said. "We may be dry for a few days. Then, the moisture will return."

The pattern will be repeated this week.

A breezy, east wind between 20 to 25 mph and a 90 percent for precipitation will keep Sioux City's daytime high around 52 degrees. Rainy conditions will continue Tuesday night into Wednesday.

"Wednesday will see a bit of a warm up as the high will hit the upper 60s," Masters said. "Even though the sun will return during the day on Thursday, Sioux City will have a 80 percent of precipitation on Thursday night."

So, how does the Memorial Day weekend look like in Siouxland? According to Masters, it will start off well.

"People will be pleased that sunny days are in the forecast for Friday and Saturday," he said. "That will make the temps go up in the middle 70s on both days."

Clouds and 30 percent chance for rain will return to the forecast on Sunday and Memorial Day Monday.

"Like I said, we'll have a few dry days before the rain returns or a sunny day before the clouds come back," Masters said. "We seem to be in that kind of pattern."

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