SIOUX CITY -- Divers strapped on fins and air masks Friday morning to retrieve a Coca-Cola delivery truck that had crashed into a muddy pond.

The accident was reported at 9:03 a.m. at the Cloverleaf Cold Storage plant in the 2600 block of Murray Street, just west of Interstate 29.

It's unclear how the truck went into the water, but tire marks show it went down a grassy hill from a Cloverleaf parking lot. Sioux City police said no one was inside.

An official with Chesterman Co., which owns the truck, said no one was injured. She said they're investigating the incident.

Two rigs pulled the truck out of the pond. Inside were about 75 cases of soda and pond water that flowed inside, said tow truck driver Phil Schroder.

"That's like trying to move a swimming pool," he said.

-- Molly Montag