A McNugget thought to resemble George Washington is shown last month. A Dakota City woman auctioned off the item online, but the winning bidder backed out.

DAKOTA CITY -- Parents, think twice before nagging your children to finish their meal.

A McDonald's McNugget bearing a resemblance to George Washington sold for $8,100 on eBay Monday. The owner, Rebekah Speight, of Dakota City, said she noticed it while cleaning up the uneaten portion of her kids' meals after they hit the play area at the McDonald's at 729 Hamilton Blvd. in Sioux City.

Speight laughed when asked if there's a lesson there for parents.

"Sometimes it's OK if children don't finish," she said.

Bidding ended just after 11:30 a.m. Speight declined to say where the winning bidder lives. The winner had yet to respond to an email sent by Speight after the auction.

"Once we receive payment, we'll ship it," Speight said.

The nugget has been in Speight's freezer for about three years. She said she'll ship it with dry ice to preserve it. She's still amazed at the international media attention the frozen piece of meat attracted.

"There are stories from Australia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan -- just all over," Speight said.

The auction site received 44,795 views, and 1,610 people were actively watching the auction, she said.

Speight plans to use the money to help send 50 children from Sioux City Family Worship Center to a summer camp in Dayton, Iowa.

The nugget could impact even more children. Speight said one of the neatest things about the publicity the auction received is that she's heard from people who said it has inspired them to raise money for their church's youth group.

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