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1962 Central HS Boys Basketball

The Central Little Maroons boys basketball team is shown in the 1961-1962 yearbook. Pictured in the front row, from left, are Don Kirchner, Harold Stevens, Terry Peters, Lynn Culley, and Rick Schroeder. Row two: Ron Cowles, Jim Rockwood, Roger Gondek, JohnWilkinson, and Lloyd Mathews. Back row: Mike Nolan, Don Haster, Bob Kilstrom, Cliff Wilder, Russ Auen, and Stan Hokanson.

125 years ago

IDA COUNTY TALKS BOOM: The Ida Pioneer reports the last five or six weeks every paper, pamphlet, card or circular printed at Sioux City has been booming the real estate boom, until the whole country from Kansas City to Minneapolis and from Chicago to Denver, had become wild for investments in that city. The excitement and the desire for Sioux City property struck Ida Grove so hard that some of our people really believe that they are now living in the future suburbs of the greatest city in the world. Several went up to the great gateway, made purchases, came home both happy and excited, to watch the rise in real estate and when in their judgment they have made enough, they will sell again.

CITY BOUNDARIES: The city council spread out the city maps at the weekly meeting and traced new boundaries. A February resolution proposed to take in all that territory bounded by a line beginning at a point on the Big Sioux. By reference to the map, it will be seen that there are sharp jags on both sides of the township in following the line of boundary set forth, and to this there was objection. The majority throught that the lines should run straight across the township, and break at right angles. The additions take in the proposed bridge site and locate one Alderman-at-large in Woodbury Township to Sioux City.

100 years ago

PERRY CREEK ON THE RISE: Perry creek came saucily out from its winter's sleep yesterday with a leap and a bound which alarmed property owners along its banks. In one hour last night the creek rose eight feet at a point near the Market street bridge. The rise, however, was short lived and the waters soon began to recede.

LINDHOLM STORE DESTROYED: Like so much tinder, the stock and building occupied by the Linholm Furniture company at the southwest corner of Fifth and Douglas streets was totally destroyed by fire last evening. Only the heroic and efficient work of the fire department saved the other buildings in the quarter block- The Journal office and the building occupied by the W.C. Davenport company cleaners and renovaters of clothes- the Lerch block, across the alley to the west of the doomed structure. Loss is estimated at $125,000.

SUPERINTENDENT WANTS FATHERS IN SCHOOL: Fathers should take more interest in training of their children, especially the boys, in the opinion of M.G. Clark, superintendent of the Sioux City schools. Mr. Clark urged that the fathers join the club and attend the meetings.

50 years ago

CENTRAL TO STATE: They did it the hard way, those Little Maroons of Central High School, but do it they did in taking a come-from-behind 68-61 victory over Sutherland in the finals of the sub state tournament. That puts Central into the state basketball tournament for the first time since 1958 and for the eighth time in the history of the event. Central gained the sub state finals by defeating Maurice-Orange City 47-45.

HELICOPTERS RETURN HOME: Two National Guard helicopters which have flown 30 mercy missions in this vicinity to provide food and fuel to snowbound families in the last few days have returned to their base at Boone, after it appeared that roads were returning to normal. The whirly birds will return, however, in the event of a flood emergency here.

25 years ago

ROBBERY SUSPECTS DON'T GET FAR: Within 15 minutes of an armed robbery in the Transit Plaza Wednesday afternoon, officers collared three suspects as they stopped for a traffic light at Sixth and Jackson streets. Officer Norman Girard pulled his squad car in front of the white four-door sedan in which the suspects were riding and Sgt. Richard Tope pulled his up close behind. Officers leveled guns at the suspects. The three men offered no resistance and all three where cuffed and taken to the Woodbury County jail. Money in their possession was confiscated and included one package of bills still in a bank wrapper. The men allegedly held up a Radio Shack store, 2324 Transit Plaza about noon. The men pointed a gun at the manager and ordered him to open the cash register, took him into the back room, spread glue on the table and jammed his hands into the glue, telling him not to move.

These items appeared in the Journal March 19-25, 1887, 1912, 1962 and 1987.

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