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All-America city

Ceremonies, including a motorcade and flag raising, celebrated Sioux City being voted an All-America City in 1962.

125 years ago

SIOUX CITY SUITABLE LOCATION: What Sioux City needs is more manufacturing institutions, and these are being worked up as fast as possible. It will be remembered that some weeks ago Mr. L. Gonden, of Cedar Rapids, made a proposition to establish a cracker factory here if a bonus of $5,000 could be assured. A committee found it unadvisable to encourage the scheme on such a basis. Mr. Gonden is again in the city and held conference with leading businessmen in regard to the establishment of a cracker factory here and have gone so far as to negotiate with two or three parties for the erection of suitable buildings on Jones St. Mr. Gonden comes here on his own accord and to establish a business without a bonus or other aid than probably exemption from taxation for a time. Sioux City needs every interest of this sort that she can get. The people can afford to be liberal in this matter, in anything that is consistent with business like methods.


100 years ago

WOMEN EXPLAIN LIGHT VOTE: Three reasons are given by Sioux City suffragettes in explanation of the gaunt vote which was cast at the school election held Monday in Sioux City. The reasons are: A general lack of knowledge among women of their right to vote. The unfavorable weather. A feeling of humiliation at voting only on lesser affairs while men were indicating preference on the big things of the city.

HOUNDS ON THE TRAIL: Bloodhounds secured at Fremont, Neb., and set on the trail of the silk thieves who robbed the Farmer's Exchange general store at Homer, Neb., took a straight course to the home of a farmer living about five miles northwest of Homer. A search of the premises did not bring to light any silk and the identity of the robbers still is unknown. The value of the booty was placed at $300.

NIGHT SCHOOL GRADUATES 125 AND MORAL CLASS: The 125 pupils of the night school at the Armstrong building are on a vacation. The school closed last night after sixteen weeks of successful work, until next winter, when the school board promises to reopen it on a larger scale. Supt. Clark hopes the board would be able to give at least 400 students the opportunity to increase their earning capacity next winter ... The school board has decided to open a course in moral instruction the public schools. Nothing related to sex matters is to be said, but such general topics as the code of sportsmanship, thrift of time, good fellowship and the utility of going to school will be presented.


50 years ago

ALL AMERICA: A flag designating Sioux City as an All-America City will be raised proudly over City Hall today. Selection of Sioux City as one of 11 winners in the national competition was announced March 14, in Kansas City. The flag will be brought to Sioux City by a Braniff plane, and the pilot will present the flag to the All America City committee, led by Mrs. Robert B. Howe. They will return with the flag to Sioux City and will be joined by a motorcade for a procession to City Hall. At the same time, the city will be saluted by two National Guard jets. The motorcade will be greeted at Sixth and Douglas by city, state and county officials. The East High School band will play the National Anthem as the flag is raised above City Hall and will conclude by playing "Sioux City Sue."

FLOODING: Sioux City once again is preparing for the feared onslaught of another flood, possibly one of major proportions. Fifty persons representing organizations available for flood emergency duty attended a meeting called by Mayor George Young. They outlined what their organizations are prepared to do should the heavy snow cover melt within the next few weeks and send local streams racing out of their banks.


25 years ago

ALICE COOPER SPOTLIGHTS THEATRICS: What Liberace was to those over 60, Alice Cooper is to those under 20 - a master showman. The ageless rocker dazzles not so much with musical talent, but with theatrics. He doesn't give concerts, he stages shows. His Sioux City stop Wednesday was a prime example. Considerd part of his comeback tour (he was out of show business for three years battling alcoholism), "The Nightmare Returns" was filled with all kind so gimmicks and gee-gaws that could keep the most restless fan anchored to his seat. .. Warming up Cooper's crowd was a new band, Tesla, that has a powerful sound that should find its way to the top of the record charts. They're so god, we predict another band will opening for them in less than a year.

POSTAGE RATE MAY GO UP: Postal officials say Americans may have to start paying more to mail a letter sometime next year, edging toward but probably not topping a quarter for first-class postage.

These items appeared in the Journal March 12-18, 1887, 1912, 1962 and 1987.



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