100 YEARS AGO: 35 degrees below zero sets Sioux City record

100 YEARS AGO: 35 degrees below zero sets Sioux City record

Sioux City Brewing Co. set to open

The Sioux City Brewing Co. is shown nearing completion in 1899.

125 years ago

BUILDING BOOM: The early weeks of 1887 were marked by a remarkable activity in real estate as Sioux City property sold at figures that a few years before would have seemed marvelous. By the end of the year Sioux City improvements showed a total expenditure of $2,354,356. A total of 619 new buildings and additions were put up -- an increase of 112 1/2 percent, over 1886.

MURDEROUS ASSAULT: The city was startled yesterday with the news that a murderous fight had occurred during the night. It was the first gun that had been fired in seventeen months. The scene of the deed, too, was situated in one of the old rat holes of the quarter where nothing but crime has prospered for many years. Twenty-six year old horse jockey, Robert McKenzie, in town for only a month, was the victim. Jack King, who objected to McKenzie's predicting the closing of places and emigration of several sporting people though the crusade of the law and order, began a quarrel. The scuffle ended with King shooting McKenzie in the head, chest and elbow. McKenzie lived through the ordeal and attended court.

100 years ago

BY THE NUMBERS: Woodbury county's district courts in 1912 set a new record for divorces by granting 192 separations, an increase of forty-two over the 1911 record. During the same time 995 marriage licenses were issued by the clerk of the courts. ... If all the snow that has fallen in Sioux City since January 1912 were on the ground at one time the depth would be 50.15 inches. In March the total snowfall amounted to 27.3 inches. ... August set the record in the amount of rainfall, 7.03 inches being recorded. Total rainfall for the year was 30.48 inches. ... The maximum wind velocity was on January 8, then for a five-minute period the wind blew from the northwest at a rate of fifty-two miles per hour. ... The minimum temperate Jan. 12 was 35 degrees below zero, the lowest temperature on record.

CORPS GROW: The total increases in stock and the capital of new corporations in Woodbury county in 1912 amounted to $2,750,000. The Sioux City Brewing company increased its capital from $600,000 to $1,000,000 and the Clay Products company from $750,000 to the same figure. The figures show that forty-three new organizations have secured incorporation papers in the county during the past year.

50 years ago

COURT TIME: The 30th anniversary of a municipal court in Sioux City was marked here, with Judge Berry J. Sisk and Chief Deputy Clerk of courts Ben Baron on hand. Both have been in the court system here since it began. Two justice-of-the-peace courts and police courts were merged into municipal court in 1932. Judge Sisk has occupied the same chambers and courtroom ever since and has handled some 300,000 cases. 

GREAT SCOTS: The annual observance of Hogmanay, traditional and colorful Scottish celebration, attracted great numbers. Entertainment was provided by the Heath Highlanders pipe band and dancers.

25 years ago

FIRST BABY ARRIVES ONE HOLIDAY LATE: Kayla Ranae Wing was one week late. Chuck and Sherri Wing's newborn arrived early New Year's Day at Marian Health Center, to claim honors as the first baby of 1988 in Sioux City. Kayla was due on Christmas. Weighing in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces, she was Dr. F.J. Lohr's first first-baby-of-the-year in 36 years; and Lohr also delivered the second baby of the year later that morning. He was keeping it all in the family as Lohr delivered Kayla's mother, Sherri, as well, a couple of decades earlier. 

MAYOR RETURNS TO TAKE OATH: Three weeks after suffering a heart attack at Las Vegas, Nev., Mayor Loren Callendar returned temporarily to city hall to be sworn to his fourth consecutive four-year term on the City Council and another two years as mayor. Callendar received a standing ovation from members of his family, friends who showed up to wish him well, fellow council members and others in the chamber. Noting that he was under his doctor's orders to return home after the ceremony, the mayor promised to return to his duties in a few weeks. Callendar served as mayor in 1986, then gave way to Connie Bodine a year ago. But he became mayor again after Bodine's death.

These items appeared in the Journal Dec. 31, 1887, 1910, 1962 and 1987 and Jan. 6, 1888, 1911, 1963 and 1988.


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