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125 YEARS AGO: Plans for Sioux City elevated railway underway

125 YEARS AGO: Plans for Sioux City elevated railway underway

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Elevated railway piers

Supports for an elevated railroad are shown at Second and Fowler streets in Sioux City on July 19, 1942. Talk began of building the elevated railway in July 1888.

125 years ago

ELEVATED RAIL: Notice is given of the presentation of an ordinance to the city council on the part of the Sioux City Rapid Transit company asking a franchise to build and maintain an elevated and surface railway along certain city streets. Copies of the ordinance were filed in the city clerk’s office yesterday after noon. The papers maintain that the company may build and maintain a double track elevated railway with switches, and turnouts. ... The railway may be operated by steam, electricity, or other power. The company shall commence construction in two years and have at least one mile of the elevated railway in operation within three years from the date of the ordinance. ... The rate of fare shall be not to exceed 5 cents on the surface road nor more than 10 cents on the elevated railway.

NORTHWEST IOWA HAPPENINGS: Trotting races are a daily occurrence at Hartley…A new town is being plated on the Central between Rock Rapids and George. Its name is Edna. ... Thomas Swinbruk has donated grounds for a cemetery to the M.E. Church of Cushing.

100 years ago

JUNE BREAKS CUPID RECORD: The month of June, 1913, has broken all records for the number of marriage licenses issued at the office of the county clerk of Woodbury county. The number of licenses to wed issued during June, at noon yesterday, was 118. In June 1912, the number given out was 104; in 1911 the June record was 89; in 1910 it was 91; in 1909 it was 103; and in 1908 it was 72.

EXCITEMENT AT WOODLAND PARK: The Frontier day celebration at Woodland Park attracted thousands. The stands rocked and roared when steeds broke through riders, passed through “hot tight” fences and tore into the “standee” bleachers, driving scores to cover. The stands called for blood when bucking horses dropped riders in the stretch.

PREACHER SCORES EXPOSE GOWN: They’re getting thinner! Both the women and their gowns! The latest thing from Paris is even thinner than Frocks worn by Sioux City women now. The gowns some of the stylish women of Sioux City are wearing are quite gossamer. It takes no x-ray to see through them when the light is right. Among preachers asked for the opinions on this style yesterday was Rev. E.S. Johnson of the First Methodist Episcopal church. “The defense raised by the women who wear them is that there is no evil where evil is not thought," he said. "I cannot agree with them. That fact remains that it is decidedly not healthful to the moral welfare of the full blooded young men and boys to have the spectacle offered them every day on the street continually before their eyes.”

50 years ago

RING IT IN! Sioux City will participate in a nationwide inspiring Fourth of July bell ringing celebration. Leading the nation in the “make freedom really ring” holiday observance will be an electronic replacement for Philadelphia’s famous, but now voiceless, Liberty Bell. Many bells of Sioux City will ring at noon July 4.

IN A SONG: The march “Siouxcitynia,” written by Judge Berry J. Sisk, has been a concert season highlight for many years. Scheduled for tonight at the Grandview Park band concert, the presentation now has assumed special significance. Another march by the judge, “Armistice Day Forever,” achieved national recognition through the American Legion.

25 years ago

100 IS THE NUMBER: One-hundred-year-old Addie McLaughlin can claim two distinctions during her community’s centennial. First, her family settled in Northeast Nebraska before Emerson even was incorporated. Second, she reigns as the belle of her town’s 100th birthday party.

These items appeared in the Journal July 1-7, 1888, 1913, 1963 and 1988.


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