1887 Corn Palace

A band marches to the Sioux City Corn Palace   in October 1887. 

125 years ago

FORMAL INAUGURATION PALACE BRINGS CROWDS: Never in the history of the city has the throng equaled that of last night. It seemed as if the entire population had left their homes to view the attractions, and enjoy themselves in first-class style. On the streets there was a literal jam…The second day, the crowds began to come in early. The night trains brought in thousands of visitors, but full proportions of the multitude did not appear till the morning trains, regular and special with extra cars added, had emptied their burdens into the streets. It was one of the greatest crowds ever gathered in the streets of Sioux City. Thousands crowded into the palace at one time…Remarks from day three include, “I had no idea it could be so fine; the papers didn’t tell the half of it; no pen could describe it—it must be seen; I didn’t intend to come but those who saw the Palace spoke so enthusiastically of it I took the first train, and I’m glad I did.”


100 years ago

JOURNAL CUP TODAY: Seven events are on the card for the initial meeting of the Sioux City Auto Club and Speedway association to be given the afternoon on the new two-mile track near the Sioux bridge in Union county, South Dakota. Drivers are here, cars have been stripped for racing and keen rivalry prevails. Besides money prizes totaling $1,575, four cups are offered. The Journal cup and the Merchants’ bureau cup, are now held by H.A. Wetmore. They must be won three times in succession before they become the permanent property of anyone. The Journal cup will go to the winter of the thirty-mile event.

MAYOR LIKES SEGREGATION: That segregation is the best way to deal with the social evil, is the opinion of Mayor A.A. Smith. The mayor believes the plan of trying to drive evil women from a city by strict prohibitory legislation has been only partly successful. Favoring segregation, Mayor Smith said he was against the licensing of such women. By accepting license money the city, in a way, would become a partner of these women. Smith said that he questions the fact that the best method of dealing with these women is beyond the jurisdiction of municipal authority.

THE CRYSTAL: A new Crystal lake, with a modern hotel, Coney island amusement features, bathhouse and bathing beach, bowling alleys and baseball park, was projected yesterday when a long time lease for Crystal Lake and Forest Beach parks was signed in the office of E.A. Burgess, an officer for the Gateway Improvement and the Combination Bridge companies. The Gateway company, which was owner of the land, was guaranteed by the terms of a contract with new syndicate company, who took over control of the parks, that a hotel would be erected, the amusement features would be installed, and that the baseball park would be restored. The new hotel is expected to be open for business by next June.

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50 years ago

CLINICS UP AND RUNNING: Diphtheria immunization clinics have been scheduled at Woodrow Wilson Junior and Franklin schools following a report of an eighth case of diphtheria, Dr. Jams Reeder Jr., acting city health director announced. The disease took the life of one Sioux City child several days ago. Reeder urged Sioux Cityans not to get panicky, because cultures are being taken among athletes at Sioux City High Schools…Two football players from Central High School and one from Leeds High School were withdrawn from the fields before game time because of their positive diphtheria reaction. The boys were termed carriers but will not be considered diphtheria cases unless they come ill from the disease.

25 years ago

RAID NETS PICKUP LOADS OF DRUGS: A Wednesday morning drug raid near Castana, Iowa led to the arrest of six Indiana men and the confiscation of a large quantity of marijuana, with a street value estimated at nearly $5 million. The marijuana was hauled away in two loaded pickup trucks. About 60 grocery sacks full of marijuana were found in the attic of the house and another large quantity was found in the basement.

AMUSEMENT AT THE PRICE OF $1.5 MILLION: The purchase price for the Arnolds Park Amusement Park totaled $1.5 million, according to court records. The long-anticipated transfer of the park from Dickinson County Amusements to Long Lines Ltd. of Sergeant Bluff is now complete. Long Lines CEO Chuck Long announced in June that his firm had opted to purchase the facility and renovate it with a 1930's theme.

These items appeared in the Journal Oct. 1-7, 1887, 1912, 1962 and 1987.

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