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Dog sprayed with graffiti

Blaze, a white husky, is shown sprayed with graffiti on Sunday. The incident is under investigation.

SOUTH SIOUX CITY | A South Sioux City resident said someone spray-painted her dog with graffiti. Police are investigating.

Blaze, a white husky, was found covered in black writing Sunday morning, said the animal's owner, Tabitha Taylor. 

"I can’t believe people would actually do that to somebody’s dog," she said. "That just baffles my mind."

The dog got loose from a home on East 11th Street. It likely was sprayed with paint somewhere else, said police Officer Jeanette McFee.

The paint was on the dog’s head and back section. 

Taylor said the animal was limping and fears it may have been kicked or hit.

The person who painted the dog may face animal abuse charges.

Taylor said family members spent four hours scrubbing the paint off with mayonnaise, olive oil and fish oil. The dog belongs to her 4-year-old son.

She hopes the person who hurt Blaze is punished. 

"Our dog is the cutest dog ever. He’s nice to everybody. He’s never mean," Taylor said.

The incident happened a week after a city security camera captured two people spraying gang graffiti on a building in the 2600 block of B Street. The building had been tagged at least 10 prior times.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 402-494-7555.


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