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A McNugget thought to resemble George Washington is shown last month. A Dakota City woman auctioned off the item online, but the winning bidder backed out.

DAKOTA CITY, Neb. -- A Dakota City woman says she isn't giving up on the chicken chunk bearing George Washington's likeness.

Rebekah Speight did, after all, keep it in her freezer for three years.

Frenzied bidding on eBay drove the McNugget's price tag to a whopping $8,100 when the online auction closed March 5.

It was great news for Speight, who planned to donate the money to charity. Her church, the Sioux City Family Worship Center, would use the money to send 50 children to summer camp in central Iowa.

The unexpected windfall took a hit, though, when the top bidder didn't make good on his or her bid.

Neither did several lower bidders. Speight recently tried, but failed, to seal a deal to send the McNugget home to a $4,200 bidder. She only has 60 days from the close of auction to sell the McNugget.

She's philosophical about the apparent bidders' remorse. God has a plan for the McNugget, Speight said, even though she isn't quite sure of the divine details.

"I didn't necessarily feel like it was about the money," she said, of the nugget's purpose. "I felt like it was about awareness."

So far, she said, it's helped raise awareness of the church and its efforts to send children to Hidden Acres Christian Center in Dayton, Iowa.

The nugget has netted them a few more campers. McDonald's restaurants also gave church children a coupon for a free Big Mac or chicken McNugget order, Speight said.

The extra publicity has not resulted in a deluge of donations to the church's cause. Speight estimates the camping fund has netted about $5 in donations as a result of the McNugget.

The church is selling Hy-Vee coupon books and Jolly Time Popcorn to fund the campers. It's also accepting donations.

"With more campers comes more cost, but we're willing to help them raise it," Speight said.

She's still amazed at the interest the McNugget -- bought for 99 cents at the Hamilton Boulevard McDonald's -- has received worldwide attention.

If it doesn't sell, that's the way it goes, Speight said.

"Then there's not takers and he will forever be a part of presidential history."


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