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Dunes Eye Consultants

The Dunes Eye Consultants, Dunes Lasik Center and The River's Edge Optical all operate out of a 12,000-square-foot medical practice in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, that's owned and operated by Dr. Steve Ferguson.

NORTH SIOUX CITY -- Dunes Eye Consultants in Dakota Dunes is one of 14 clinical sites recruiting 6 to 9-year-olds to participate in a clinic trial for spectacles designed to correct myopia.

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is often thought to be simply an annoyance that requires children to wear glasses or contact lenses, but it's well established that people with myopia have an elevated risk of developing potentially blinding conditions, such as glaucoma, choroidal neovascularization and retinal detachment. The prevalence of myopia world-wide is on the rise. An estimated 5 billion people will develop myopia by 2050.

Based on foundational technology developed with academic partners, SightGlass Vision, Inc. is running a clinical trial for FDA approval for spectacles that have been designed to correct myopia, as well as reduce the rate of myopic progression in children. Currently available glasses in the United States correct myopia, but don't prevent it from getting worse.

The study Dunes Eye Consultants is recruiting participants for involves using the glasses for up to three years. Trial participants will be able to choose from a variety of eye glass frames and will be asked to use one of three types of lenses instead of their normal glasses.

Children will be assessed by Dunes Eye Consultants and, if suitable, be invited to participate in the study and to attend up to 14 further visits over three years. The glasses used in the study are provided at no cost; and participants will be paid a small reimbursement for time and travel expenses. Children participating will also receive comprehensive eye care at no cost during the time they are in the study.

Parents interested in having their child with myopia participate in this clinical trial can find more information at or contact Dunes Eye Consultants at 605-232-6900.

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