SIOUX CITY | In light voting Tuesday, three people were chosen to the Sioux City School Board for four-year terms that run into 2021.

Saint Photo courtesy, Steven Hardina
Alarcon-Flory Provided

Ron Colling, Jeremy Saint and incumbent Perla Alarcon-Flory won the seats, as they amassed more votes than Miyuki Nelson and Shaun Broyhill. Colling led the way with 2,359 votes, while Saint received 2,312 votes, and Alarcon-Flory got 1,660.

Nelson received 1,517 votes, while Broyhill got 1,350.

A technical glitch prevented reporting of the final precinct by a half hour until 8:57 p.m., when Woodbury County Auditor Pat Gill walked around printed sheets of results to people in the county courthouse in downtown Sioux City. Colling, a retired Sioux City School District teacher, looked at the sheet with his wife, Katie Colling, and a friend took a quick picture of him.

"I am assuming that (the win) has to do with the fact that I taught 150 kids for 40 years, a name recognition phenomenon," Colling said.

Colling said the win means voters trust him to work in a good relationship with district administrators.

Saint is an attorney and Alarcon-Flory operates a small business that offers certified court Spanish interpreter and translator services.

Saint said he enjoyed competing for the board seat victory.

"It went very well. Everyone stayed focused on the issues. Every single candidate brought something to the table that would serve the board well," Saint said.

Alarcon-Flory said she will continue to make sure the district gives pupils access to a good education in 21st century buildings.

"I believe people have faith in me, and I am deeply grateful for the support," Alarcon-Flory said.

Paul Gorski and John Meyers earlier announced they would not run for re-election to the Sioux City School Board. The holdover school board members who will serve two more years are Mike Krysl, Mike McTaggart, Jackie Warnstadt and David Gleiser.

Voter turnout was below 10 percent of registered voters. Polls were open for 13 hours.

Sioux City School Board President Krysl summarized the turnout: "It is so very low." Krysl said the new board members will join the panel in a trying time, as the school district is amid a tight 2017-18 budget and the projection for next year looks equally tough financially.

Other races

Elsewhere in Woodbury County, voters in Sergeant Bluff-Luton, Westwood, Lawton-Bronson, Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto, Woodbury Central and River Valley decided school board contests.

Kristie Amick won the sole seat on the Lawton-Bronson School Board, with 51 votes.

Winning the two seats for River Valley were Debie Stevenson and Kristi Krager. The two victors for SB-L were David Schaar and Michael Laughlin, while the two new board members for Westwood were Robert Dandurand and Brady Worrell.

Dale Wimmer and Karen Kennedy won seats on the MVAO board. There were three positions decided for Woodbury Central, and Bradley Koele got 136 votes to nab one position, and the two others will be finalized after a count of write-ins.

This will be the last time Iowa voters go en masse in September for regular school board elections. The Iowa Legislature earlier this year moved the date for school board elections from the longstanding September to November, beginning in 2019.