SIOUX CITY --  A May 15 banquet was held at Leeds Elementary School to honor retirees leaving the Sioux City School District at the end of the 2018-19 school year.

A district release said the retiring workers combined for more than 1,000 years of work in teaching and other positions.

The following individuals worked in the district for more than 10 years. They are listed in order of tenure.

Charles Praster, Building Service Technician at West Middle, 42 years

Cynthia Bennett, Teacher at Leeds Elementary, 40 years

Timothy Schmitt, Energy Services Technician, 40 years

Gail Haight, Guidance Counselor at East Middle, 37 years

• Lucinda Bowers, Teacher at Perry Creek Elementary, 36 years

Susan Jordan, Teacher at Morningside Elementary, 35 years

Mark Bales, Environmental service/HVAC technician, 34 years

Elizabeth Sturgeon, Teacher at North Middle, 34 years

Mary Miller, Second grade teacher at Perry Creek, 33 years

• Roxanne Hutchinson, Teacher at West Middle, 32 years

Gary Hogue, Alternative School teacher at West High, 31 years

• Donald Trimble, Art teacher at West High, 31 years

Terri Askelson, Teacher at West High, 30 years

Marlene Gratzfeld, Teacher at North Middle, 30 years

Carol Yaneff, Special education assistant at East Middle, 30 years

• Diana McMillin, Secretary at West High, 29 years

• Cynthia Grause, Teacher at East Middle, 27 years

Becky Hobbiebrunken, Teacher at Leeds Elementary, 26 years

Teresa Kamradt, Food Service at Riverside Elementary, 26 years

Roxanne Lohr, Building Office Assistant at Loess Hills Elementary, 25 years

Patricia Hoffman, Teacher at East High, 23 years

Michelle Larson, Building Instructional Assistant at North High, 22 years

Joellen Hebert, Secretary at West High, 22 years

• Fred Griffin, STEM Teacher at West Middle, 22 years

• Julie Bell, Instructional Assistant at Spalding Park Elementary, 21 years

Mary Jordt, Teacher, North Middle, 21 years

Raymond Sanders, Building Service Technician at Operations & Maintenance, 21 years

Timothy Foix, Teacher at North Middle, 20 years

Nanette Herman, Secretary at Educational Service Center, 20 years

Brenda Horst, Secretary at Educational Service Center, 19 years

Lori Bowitz, Art Teacher at Sunnyside Elementary, 18 years

Paula Hogan, Building Service Technician at Irving Elementary, 17 years

• Deb Jorgensen, Teacher at North Middle, 16 years

Daniel Ford, Liaison Officer at Spalding Park Elementary, 15 years

Norma Colt, Food Service at Harry Hopkins, 15 years

Lori Thornton, Benefits Administrative Assistant, 15 years

Diane Zimmerman, Food Service at Perry Creek Elementary, 13 years

• Barbara Jerome, Third grade teacher at Unity Elementary, 13 years

Karen Rasmussen, Special education assistant at Riverside Elementary, 12 years

Francis Brown, Food Service at Harry Hopkins, 11 years

Susan Rooney, Classroom Teacher at Loess Hills Elementary, 11 years

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