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ELECTION RESULTS: City, county and school seats in Siouxland counties

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Voters across Northwest Iowa, Northeast Nebraska and Southeast South Dakota on Tuesday elected candidates to a host of county and municipal positions.

Below are unofficial results, listed by state and county, in the Journal's circulation area. Bold face denotes winners in each race.


Iowa flag

Buena Vista County

Board of Supervisors District 4

Rhonda Ringgenberg (R) 5,950

Board of Supervisors District 5

Donald L. Altena (D) 4,533


Susan Kennedy Lloyd (R) 6,069


Kory Elston (R) 6,294

Clay County

Board of Supervisors at large (vote for two)

Art L. Hamrick (R) 5,720; Randy Swanson (R) 6,615


Ann Baschke (R) 7,369


Chris Raveling (R) 7.782

Cherokee County

Board of Supervisors District 1

Rick Mongan (R) 4,956

Board of Supervisors District 2

Linda Bindner (D) 1,857; Bryan Petersen (R) 4,034

Board of Supervisors District 5

Duane Mummert (R) 5,033


Kris Glienke (R) 5,108


Derek Scott (R) 5,325

Recorder (to fill vacancy)

Samantha Boothby (R) 4,745

Crawford County

Board of Supervisors: (Vote for two)

Dave Muhlbauer (D) 3,476; Jean Heiden (R) 3,571; Ty Rosburg (R) 3,748


Terri Martens (D) 5,743


James R. Steinkuehler (D) 4,891; Ray C. Ohl (R) 2,105

Attorney (to fill vacancy)

Colin Johnson (D) 4,980

Dickinson County

Supervisor District 3

Tom Fairchild (D) 1,461

Supervisor District 5

Jeff Thee (R) 1,558; Angela Lynn Kofoot (D) 750


Lori Pedersen (R) 9,535


Greg Baloun (R) 9,707

Attorney (to fill vacancy)

Amy Zenor (R) 9,261

Ida County

Supervisor District 1

Creston Schubert (R) 1,081

Supervisor District 2

Raymond Drey (R) 1,155


Lorna Steenbock (R) 3,422


Wade A. Harriman (R) 3,454

Monona County

Board of Supervisor District 1

Bo Fox (R) 1,025


Peggy A. Rolph (D) 3,488


Jeffrey R. Pratt (D) 3,853

Lyon County

Board of Supervisors District 2

Douglas Vanden Bosch (R) 1,312

Board of Supervisors District 3

Brian L. Wibben (D) 189; Cory Altena (R) 1,077


Jen Smit (R) 6,055


Stewart Vander Stoep (R) 5,889

O’Brien County

Board of Supervisors District 1

Sherri L. Bootsma (R) 6,013

Board of Supervisors District 2

John Steensma (R) 5,892

Board of Supervisors District 3

Nancy McDowell (R) 5,979


Barbara Rohwer (R) 6,394


Bruce Devereaux (R) 6,217

Osceola County

Board of Supervisors District 2

Jayson Vande Hoef (R) 562

Board of Supervisors District 4 

Jerry Helmers (R) 624

Board of Supervisors District 5

Ed Jones (R) 504


Rochelle Van Tilburg (R) 2,924


Kevin Wollmuth (R) 2,893

Plymouth County

Board of Supervisors District 2 

Mike Van Otterloo (R) 11,755

Board of Supervisors District 5

Gary Horton (R) 10,919


Stacey Feldman (R) 11,457


Jeff TeBrink (R) 11,430

Sac County

Board of Supervisors District 1

Ranell Drake (R) 1,568


James W. Dowling (R) 4,760


Kenneth W. McClure (R) 4,746

Sioux County

Board of Supervisor District 1

John Degen (R) 2,923

Board of Supervisors District 3

Al Bloemendaal (R) 3,235

Board of Supervisors District 4

Mark Sybesma (R) 3,277


Ryan Dokter (R) 15,962


Dan Altena (R) 12,700

Treasurer (to fill vacancy)

Daniel D. Zommermaand (R) 15,943

Woodbury County

Board of Supervisors District 1

Keith W. Radig (R) 22,102; Kevin McCormick (D) 21,071

Board of Supervisors District 3

Jeremy Taylor (R) 22,503; Marty Pottebaum (D) 20,585

Board of Supervisors District 5

Rocky DeWitt (R) 25,555; Patty Erickson-Puttmann (D) 16,894


Barbara Parker (R) 20,441; Pat Gill (D) 23,031


Chad Sheehan (R) 35,538

Nebraska state flag


Cedar County

County Commissioner District 2

Craig Bartels (R) 1,857

Hartington City Council (vote for 2)

Roman V. Sudbeck 693; Chris Bartling 670

Randolph City Council (vote for 2)

Kalynda Kuhl 328; Janelle Biernbaum 334

Laurel Mayor 

Keith Knudsen 501

Laurel City Council (vote for 2)

Logan O. Garber 143; Chad Johnson 321; Jeff Erwin 216; Justin Ericksen, 290

Belden Village Board (vote for 2)

Brad Stapelman 54; Angela L. Ohlrich 21

Fordyce Village Board (vote for 2)

Thomas J. Pinkelman 76; Write-in

Wynot Village Board (vote for 3)

Michael Klug 89; Stevie Holmes 89; Janice Heimes 87

St. Helena Village Board (vote for 2)

Victor Paltz 47; Kyle Suing 40

Magnet Village Board (vote for 3)

Jason R. Becker 16; James W. Cautrell 15; Bradley W. Backstrom 20; Corey McQuay 14

Coleridge Village Board (vote for 3)

Jesse Jackson 130; Roger Lee Anderson 119; Jeremy Bruning 227

Hartington-Newcastle Board of Education (vote for 3)

Dana Rosener 1,342; Aaron Fuelberth 1,348; Jason Heikes 1,302

Randolph Board of Education (vote for 3)

Jim Scott 573; Cody Backer 538; Lisa Linville 482; Maggie Korth 325

Laurel-Concord-Coleridge Board of Education (vote for 4)

Carol Erwin 1,008; Dustin Thompson 1,028; Samuel Recob 996

Wynot Board of Education (vote for 3)

Greg Hite 300; Kelly Wieseler 378; Write-in

Dakota County

County Commissioner at large (vote for three)

Scott Love (R) 2,578; Greg Utech (R) 2,018; Troy Launsby (R) 2,297; Robert J. Giese (D) 2,292; Mark J. Dorcey (D) 1,671; Sandra A. Lopes (D) 1,801

South Sioux City School Board (vote for three)

Marcia A. Becker 1,480; Maria Grier 2,571; Matthew J. Aitken 2,175; Christopher L. Krueger 1,799; Toni Ray Christensen 1,432

Homer School Board (vote for three)

Byron Hall 371; Ronald L. Neal 227; Tyler N. Kirkholm 473; Aaron Reis 444

Emerson-Hubbard School Board (vote for three)

Cherie Conley 312; Bill Shanks 268; Joani Franzluebbers 292

Ponca School Board (vote for three)

Monte Burki 130; Phil Kramper 266; Shawn Fethkenher 115; William Kastning 104

Dakota City Mayor

Jerry Yacevich 546

Dakota City Council (vote for two)

Clint Rasmussen 326; Chuck Carson 314; Kevin Schoepf 304

Dixon County

County Supervisor District 2

Deric Anderson (R) 468

County Supervisor District 4:

Neil Blohm (R) 433

County Supervisor District 6:

Terry Nicholson (R) 230

Allen School Board: (vote for three)

Stacey Woodward 477; Kevin Connot 420; Gil Ridenour 396

Emerson-Hubbard School Board: (vote for three)

Cherie Conley 173; Bill Shanks 169; Joani Franzluebbers 197

Ponca School Board: (vote for three)

Monte Burki 548; Phil Kramper 744; Shawn Fethkenher 579; William Kastning 388

Wakefield School Board: (vote for three)

Eric Riewer 378; Emily Godinez 383; James A. Litchfield 272

Hartington-Newcastle School Board (Vote for three)

Dana Rosener 376; Aaron Fuelberth 322; Jason Heikes 332

Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School Board (Vote for four)

Carol Erwin 200; Dustin Thompson 212; Samuel Recob 204

Ponca City Council Ward 1 (Vote for two)

Andrew Stark 176; Dillon Rickett 171

Ponca City Council Ward 2 (vote for 1) 

D.J. Smith 243

Wakefield City Council Ward 1  

Ross S. Hansen 142; Steven H. Greve 81

Wakefield City Council Ward 2

 John Geiser 47; Valerie Bard 98

Wayne County

County Commission District 2

Dean Burbach (R) 778; Jeff Paustian (write-in) 209

Wayne School Board (vote for 3)

Jaime Manz 1,717; Jeryl L. Nelson 1,561; Brent Pick 1,328; Lynn P. Junck 1,727

Wayne City Council Ward 1

Terri Buck 423

Wayne City Council Ward 2

Yasuko Taoka 220; Kathy Berry 160

Wayne City Council Ward 3

Dwaine Spieker 381; George F. Phelps 53

Wayne City Council Ward 4

Christopher L. Welch 125; Nick Muir 481

Wakefield School Board: (vote for three)

Eric Riewer 215; Emily Godinez 207; James A. Litchfield 152

Wakefield City Council (vote for 1)

John Geiser 54; Valerie Bard 83

Thurston County

County Board of Supervisors District 2

Georgia A. Mayberry (D) 217

County Board of Supervisors District 4

James H. Price Sr. 217

County Board of Supervisors District 6

L. Arnie Harlan 154

Pender School Board (vote for 3)

Matt Heineman 716; Jason Roth 675; Jean C. Karlan 603

Walthill School Board (vote for 3)

Christopher Ross 235; James W. Randol Sr. 196; Write-in

Omaha Nation School Board (vote for 3)

Darren C. Wolfe 53; Lisa Miller 102; Joyce “Walker” Snake 102; Ida Miller 85

Winnebago School Board (vote for 3)

V.J. Wolfeleader 222; Teresa Thomas Littlegeorge 273; Patrice L. Bass 326; Rana Merrick 133; Tyren L. Wolfe 84; Sara E. Snake 244

Bancroft-Rosalie School Board (vote for 3)

Pamela Browning 80; Travor Bonneau 88; Kristine Sudbeck-Buchholz 62; Jason Wortman 76

Emerson-Hubbard School Board (vote for 3)

Cherie Conley 78; Bill Shanks 71; Joani Franzluebbers 77

Wakefield School Board (vote for 3)

Eric Riewer 22; Emily Godinez 17; James A. Litchfield 20

Village of Emerson (vote for 3)

Robert Bose 24; Tarry L. Daum 22; Douglas Mackling 15; Mark Graf 25; Ryan P. Beacom 32

Village of Pender Trustees (vote for 2)

Christopher Rehan 449; David J. Hoelting 455

Village of Rosalie Trustees (vote for 2)

No candidates petitioned for ballot

Village of Thurston Trustees (vote for 3)

Tom Renz 35; Travis Dunn 36; Robert Renz 35

Village of Walthill Trustees (vote for 2)

Aaron Brown 111

Village of Winnebago Trustees (vote for 3)

James H. Price Sr. 190; Ronald L. Whitebear 136

south dakota stock flag


Clay County

County Commissioner at Large: (Vote for three)

Travis Mockler (R) 2,752; James H. Bohnsack (R) 1,810; Mark Winegar (D) 2,279; Elizabeth "Betty" Smith (D) 2,428; Glenn Pulse (I) 1,070

Union County

Public Utilities Commissioner: (vote for 2)

Gary Hanson (R) 6,019; Devin Saxon (L) 376; Remi W.B. Bald Eagle (D) 1,943

Yankton County

County Commissioner at large: (vote for two)

Wanda Howey-Fox (R) 4,981; Don Kettering (R) 4,978; Bob Gleich (D) 2,261; Gary Swensen (I) 1,827; Bill Conkling (I) 4,035


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