I-29 Sloan bridge struck

Iowa Department of Transportation workers sweep debris off of Interstate 29 after a truck carrying a house reportedly struck an overpass on the interstate north of Sloan, Iowa, Friday morning. The truck reportedly did not stop after the accident. 

SLOAN, Iowa -- A flatbed truck carrying a house of some sort reportedly had a brush with two bridges along Interstate 29 north of Sloan Friday morning. The truck's driver kept on driving.

According to an Iowa State Patrol crash report, 61-year-old Lowell Bittner of Sioux Falls was driving a 2005 Freightliner semi southbound along I-29 when, around 8:17 a.m., he struck a bridge north of Sloan. He then hit another bridge two miles further south, and did not stop. 

Woodbury County Lieutenant Don Armstrong said that officials did not know much about the incident in the immediate aftermath, as Bittner proceeded down the Interstate. 

"Someone observed a truck with a flatbed trailer hauling a house -- I don't know if it was a trailer house or a regular house, I would imagine a trailer house," Armstrong said, hit two overpasses along the Interstate north of Sloan. Presumably, Armstrong said, the load was too tall to pass under the bridge. 

Iowa State Patrol, Monona County, Harrison County and Pottawatamie Counties all assisted Woodbury County in attempting to locate the truck. 

"Initially we didn't come up with anything, other than somebody thought they still saw the vehicle southbound somewhere in Harrison County," Armstrong said. "(The driver) didn't stop, just kept going south. We don't even know if he realized he hit the bridge." 

Later in the morning, the truck was stopped by authorities in Missouri Valley. It was unclear whether Bittner will face any charges related to the incident, and there were no injuries reported. 

Inspectors were at the overpasses to investigate any structural damage that may have occurred to them. Traffic flow was largely normal in the aftermath of the collision. 

"The roadway's clear enough that traffic is still moving, we've just got some debris off to the side of the road right now," Armstrong said. 

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