Small town Sheriff's patrol

A Woodbury County Sheriff's deputy drives through Lawton, Iowa, in February 2013. 

SIOUX CITY | Woodbury County sheriff's master deputies and sergeants will get a 2 percent pay increase under a contract approved Tuesday. Lower-level deputies will be able to get promotions faster as part of the agreement.

The changes go into effect July 1.

The contract was reached after negotiations between county officials and the Communications Workers of America Local 7177, which represents 31 workers.

The union had wanted raises of 3.5 percent for three classes of deputies, a 4.25 percent increase for master deputies and 7 percent for sergeants.

The county responded with a proposal of a 1 percent raise for all personnel in the union.

The agreement approved Tuesday gives raises only to master deputies and sergeants and reconfigures how deputies are promoted.

The agreement changes the time it takes to move from an entry-level Class 2 Deputy to a Class 1 Deputy, from 36 to 24 months. Also reduced were the time to move from a Class 1 Deputy to a Senior Deputy, from 95 months to 60 months, and from a Senior Deputy to Master Deputy, from 15 years to 10 years.

Union officials said it is important that deputies be able to advance more quickly so they can have jobs with more responsibilities. They also receive more pay as they advance.

The negotiations only involved issues that impacted pay. Other employment details in the contract run through June 30, 2015.

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