Sioux City fire

One person was taken to the hospital after a west side house fire Sunday afternoon. The fire began somewhere in the carport area, though a car is not believed to have started the blaze. 

SIOUX CITY -- One person was taken to the hospital after a Sunday afternoon house fire on the west side of Sioux City. 

Robert Wilson, assistant fire chief with Sioux City Fire Rescue, said fire crews were called to a residence at 1815 John St. at around 1:46 p.m. 

The fire started somewhere in the vicinity of the carport adjacent to the house, Wilson said. Crews were investigating what exactly sparked the fire: "It turned out there was no car involved," Wilson said. 

Shortly after it began, the fire spread from the carport to the house. 

"It was upgraded to a structure fire, so we sent additional units, our normal response for a structure fire," he said. "When I left the station downtown, I noticed heavy black smoke in the west side area." 

The house's yellow vinyl siding burned aggressively and melted on the side facing the carport, and by the time the fire was controlled there were gaps in the wall that exposed part of the house's inside. 

There were occupants home at the time of the fire. One of the occupants was transported to the hospital with what Wilson suggested were "non-life-threatening" injuries. 

The home is likely not livable at the moment, given the damage to the exterior wall and some of the electrical wiring. But the interior survived the fire for the most part. 

"The inside of the house did not appear to sustain any fire or heat damage, maybe a little bit of smoke odor," Wilson said. 

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